Cabo Verde | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
A Minus GPA
B Plus GPA
Instruction Languages
Bachelors Equiv.
Masters Equiv.
Grading System

A 19-20 Excellent
B 14-17 Very Good
C 10-13 Average
F 0-9 Fail


Recognized Universities

Universidade de Cabo Verde
Universidade de Santiago
Universidade Jean Piaget de Cabo Verde

Notes for Cabo Verde

The Licenciatura is the principle first-cycle qualification and is four years in duration in most subjects. There are no national course credit requirements in determining the volume of study. The programme consists of taught courses and end of term of examinations. It does not normally require completion of a dissertation, though it may include a work placement (estagio), monograph (monografia), seminar (semin√°rio) or an end of course project (trabalho de fim do curso – TFC).

The Grau de Licenciado/a is awarded upon completion.

In certain subjects the Licenciatura is a second-cycle degree, awarded one or two years following the Bacharelato. This is known as the Complemento de Licenciatura at Universidade de Cabo Verde.

Only two five-year Licenciatura degrees are offered: pharmaceutical sciences and architecture at Universidade Jean Piaget de Cabo Verde.

Certain subjects, including medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry are not offered in Cape Verde.

The Mestrado (Master’s degree) is a two-year course following the Licenciatura consisting of taught courses, end of term examinations and the submission of a thesis.¬† Many Mestradoprogrammes require an overall grade of 14 or above in the Licenciatura.

The Grau de Mestre is conferred on the student upon completion.

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Last modified: August 30, 2020