Cameroon | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
65/100, 3.0/4.0 (post-2007 system); 14/20 (pre-2007 Francophone system)
B Plus GPA
70/100, 3.30/4.0 (post-2007 system); 16/20 (pre-2007 Francophone system)
Instruction Languages
French, English
Bachelors Equiv.
Bachelor`s (post-2007 system); Maitraise (pre-2007 Francophone system)
Masters Equiv.
Master`s (post-2007 system); Doctorat de Troisieme Cylcle (pre-2007 Francophone system)
Grading System

A- Equivalent: 75/100, 3.70/4.0 (post-2007 system); 16/20 (pre-2007 Francophone system)

University of Yaoundé I
16-20 Very Good (Tres Bien)
14-15 Good (Bien)
12-13 Fair (Assez Bien)
10-11 Pass (Passable)
0-9 Fail

University of Buéa
A 4.0 80-100%
B+ 3.5 70-79%
B 3.0 60-69%
C+ 3.5 55-59%
C 2.0 50-54%
D+ 1.5 40-44%
F 0 0-39%

Recognized Universities

University of Buea
University of Dschang
University of Douala
University of Yaounde I
University of Yaounde II

Notes for Cameroon

Cameroon is a bilingual country with education in most state universities delivered in English and/or French.

In 2007, Cameroon implemented an organizational reform of higher education qualifications, most commonly referred to as the LMD reform (from the French Licence-Master-Doctorat), also known as the BMD (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate) reform in English. The reform was a rearrangement of tertiary qualifications in line with the Anglo-American model; as a result, this reorganization principally affected Cameroon’s francophone sub-system, whilst the Anglophone sub-system remained largely unchanged. If you see a Francophone transcript from before 2007, contact SGS for further information.

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