Denmark | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
8/12 (9/13 pre-August 2007)
A Minus GPA
10.5/12 (11/13 pre-August 2007)
B Plus GPA
9.5/12 (10/13 pre-August 2007)
Instruction Languages
Danish, English
Bachelors Equiv.
Bachelor’s degree requiring four years of study, Diplomingeniør, Candidatus Philosophiae
Masters Equiv.
Master’s, Magisterkonfereus, Magister Artium
Grad Sample
Licentiatus, Candidatus Magisterii, Magister Artium
First Degree Sample
Candidatus Philosophiae, Civilingenior
Grading System

Current Grading system
12 – Excellent
10 – Very good
7 – Good
4 – Fair
2 – Adequate
0 – Inadequate
-3 – Unacceptable

Pre-August 2007
13 Superior (rarely awarded)
11 Excellent
10 Very Good
9 Good
8 Average
7 Fairly Good
6 Acceptable
5 Poor

Recognized Universities

Aarhus Universitet
Aalborg Universitetscenter
Kobenhavns Universitet (Copenhagen Univ.)
Odense Universitet
Technical University of Denmark
Roskilde University
University of Southern Denmark

Notes for Denmark

Prior to 2007, Denmark used a thirteen-point grading scale, on which most values could be assigned as grades. The new grading scale, which ranges from 12 down to -3, allows only seven of the values on the scale to be assigned as grades. Cut-offs for B+ and A-minus are therefore values that could not be assigned for a single course.

Denmark has been a member of the Bologna Process since 1999, but grades are usually given in the local scale rather than on the ECTS scale.

Last Update: August 30, 2020

Last modified: August 30, 2020