Egypt | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
Very Good
A Minus GPA
Excellent; Distinction
B Plus GPA
Very Good
Instruction Languages
Arabic, English | *See notes
Bachelors Equiv.
Bachelor`s/ Baccalaureos
Masters Equiv.
Master`s (Majistair or Majistr)
Grad Sample
Master's (Majistair or Majistr)
First Degree Sample
Grading System

90-100% Excellent; Distinction; 4.0; A-,A,A+
80-89% Very Good; 3.0; B-,B,B+
65-79% Good; 2.0
50-64% Pass; Fair; 1.0

85%-100% Excellent; Distinction; 4.0
75-84% Very Good; 3.0
65-74% Good; 2.0
60-64% Pass; Fair; 1.0

Graduate Programs
90-100% Excellent
80-89% Very Good
70-79% Good
60-69% Pass
0-59% Fail

Recognized Universities

Ain Shams Univ.
Al-Azhar Univ.
Alexandria Univ.
*American Univ. in Cairo
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
Assiut Univ.
Benha University
Cairo Univ.
German Univ. of Cairo
Mansoura Univ.
Menoufia Univ.
Minia Univ.
Misr University for Science and Technology
Suez Canal Univ.
Tanta Univ.
Univ. of Helwan
Zagazig Univ.

Notes for Egypt

*The American University in Cairo uses the American marking system. English is used as the medium of instruction. The English-Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement may be waived at the discretion of the graduate unit.

The language of instruction at private universities is mostly a foreign language (English, French or German) whereas at public universities Arabic is generally used, however it is not uncommon for English to be the language of instruction and examination in certain fields of study such as: Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Veterinary medicine

In 2014, compulsory education was extended to 12 years of schooling. Prior to this it was nine years.

The Bachelor Degree is also known as a Licence or Bakkalorius. Bachelor Degrees are offered by universities and higher institutes. Bachelor Degrees from higher institutes are recognised by the Supreme Council of Universities as being equivalent to Bachelor Degrees from Egyptian university. Programs offered by higher institutes are generally in specialised fields such as engineering, information technology and tourism.

Bachelor degrees awarded from military / police academies and government ministries also have the same status as degrees offered from recognized Egyptian universities.

Higher Technical Degrees
Graduates of Technical Diploma programs with a score of 75% or above can apply for entry to a Bachelor Degree program in a related specialization

Programs take 4-6 years of full-time study. 4 year programs are offered in humanities, social sciences and some science programs such as agriculture and usually require 120-150 credit hours. 5 year programs include engineering, pharmacy, veterinary sciences and dentistry and usually require 180-210 credit hours. Medicine is 6 years including a practical year and may be awarded as a Doctor of Medicine. Programs in professional fields can require a preparatory year before starting the 5 or 6 year Bachelor Degree. It does not count towards the GPA and may not appear on the statement of marks or transcript.

The Master Degree takes 2-3 years of full-time study and usually requires 30-42 credit hours. The first half of the Master Degree is usually coursework. In their final year students are required to research and submit a thesis which is usually worth 6 credits. It should be noted that the transcripts on the Magistr programs only show the courses passed during the first year, but typically do not list grades. 

Doctoral level programs are 2-5 years long and require a Magistr for admission. Most students take three to four years. Some doctoral programs require coursework beyond the Magistr, but many others do not. No comprehensive exams are required. The entire program, when coursework is not required, is devoted to research in an appropriate topic. Upon successful defense of a dissertation, students are awarded DokturaDoktura holders in science who have at least 5 years of substantial research in a field outside of their Magistr or Doktura research may be awarded a Doctor of Science. Doctors of Science is rarely awarded. 

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