Ghana | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
Upper Second Class
Instruction Languages
Bachelors Equiv.
Bachelor`s - 4 years of study
Masters Equiv.
Grad Sample
Master's - Higher degrees are normally not classified.
First Degree Sample
Bachelor's - 3 year Honours
Grading System

Public universities typically assign a grade classification for bachelor degrees, but not for master’s or doctoral degrees.

Grading scales vary among universities (letter grades, percentage scale)
A | 70+ | First Class (equivalency of A-, A, A+)
B+ | 60-69 | Upper Second Class (equivalency of B-, B, B+ )
B | 50-59 | Lower Second Class
C | 40-49 | Third Class

*Grading Scale for –U Science & Technology Kumasi
4 | A | 70+
3 | B | 60-69
2 | C | 50-59
1 | D | 40-49
0 | E | below 40 fail

Recognized Universities

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Univ. for Development Studies
Univ. of Cape Coast
Univ. of Education, Winneba
Univ. of Ghana
Univ. of Mines and Technology
Univ. of Science and Technology, Kumasi

Notes for Ghana

Bachelor Degrees in Ghana are highly specialized and generally require 4 years of full-time study. Bachelor Degree program length was not always standardized and Bachelor Degrees could be 3, 4 or 5 years full-time, depending on the field of study and/or institution. Advanced standing in a university undergraduate degree program is possible from polytechnic institutes.

Master’s degree programs last two to three years.

Doctoral programs require at least two additional years of study.

Higher degrees are not normally classified.

Last modified: June 13, 2019