Iraq | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
Instruction Languages
English, Arabic, Kurdish
Bachelors Equiv.
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science; requiring at least 4 years of study
First Degree Sample
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science
Grading System

90-100 A Excellent
80-89 A Very Good
70-79 B Good
60-69 C Fair
50-59 D Pass
0-49 F Fail

Recognized Universities

Al-Anbar University
Al-Mansour University College (private)
Al-Mustansiriyah University (Al-Jami’at Al-Mustansiriyah)
Al-Nahrain University
Al-Qadisiya University
Deyali University
Nahrain University, Baghdad (formerly the Saddam University for Engineering and Sciences, Baghdad)
The Islamic University – Baghdad (formerly Saddam
University for Islamic Studies)
University of Babylon (Jami’at Babil)
University of Baghdad (Jami’at Baghdad)
University of Basrah (Jami’at Al-Basrah)
University of Dohuk (Zankuya Duhuk)
University of Kufa (Jami’at Al-Kufa)
University of Mosul (Jami’at Al-Mosul)
University of Salahaddin (Zankoy Salahaddin)
University of Sulaimany (Zankoy Sulaimany)
University of Technology (Al-Jami’at Al-Technologia)
University of Tikrit

Notes for Iraq

Grading in the science fields is more severe than in the non-science fields.

A Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, awarded after 6 years study, is sometimes designated “Doctor in Medicine”. A Diploma is not equivalent to a Degree. It is a qualification of higher education awarded by technical institutes after 2 years study. A Baccalaureate is a high school diploma.

All HE institutions in Iraq are overseen by the central Ministry of Higher Education in Baghdad, however, institutions in the Kurdistan region of Iraq are overseen by the Kurdish Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Therefore, transcripts from Kurdish universities may appear different from other Iraqi transcripts.

Official transcripts may be issued in English, Arabic or Kurdish.

Last modified: June 13, 2019