Lebanon | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
B Plus GPA
Instruction Languages
Arabic, English, French
Bachelors Equiv.
Bachelor`s, Licence requiring 4 yrs of study
Masters Equiv.
Maîtrise in Scientific subjects, Master’s Degree at the American University, the Magistère, the Diplôme d’Etudes supérieures, and the Diplôme d’Etudes approfondies (1-2 years of study)
First Degree Sample
Bachelor's and Licence
Grading System

16 – 20 Très Bien
14 – 15.9 Bien
12 – 13.9 Assez Bien
10 – 11.9 Passable
8 – 9.9 Ajourné

Score Grade Comment Grade Point Average
90-100 A excellent 4.0
80-89 B good 3.0
70-79 C average/fair 2.0
60-69 D poor/pass 1.0
0-59 F fail 0

Recognized Universities

Al-Imam Al-Ouzai University/Jami’at Al-lmam Al Ouzai
Al-Manar Univeristy of Tripoli
American University of Beirut
Antonine University/Universite Antonine
Beirut Arab University/Jami’at Bayrut Al-Arabiya
Haigazian University/Jami’at Haikazian
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik/Universite Saint-Esprit de Kaslik
Islamic University of Lebanon
Jinan University
La Sagesse University/Jami’at Al-Hikmat
Lebanese American University
Lebanese University, Beirut/Al-Jami’ah Al-Lubnaniya
Makassed University/Universite Makassed
Notre-Dame University, Louaize
Saint-Joseph University/Jami’at Al-Qiddis Yussuf
University of Balamand/Jami’at Al-Balamand
University Centre of Technology/Centre Universitaire de Technologie
University Institute of Tripoli for Islamic Studies/Institut Universitaire de Tripoli pour les Etudes

Notes for Lebanon

The Baccalaureate is the High School credential. The Maitrise should be reviewed carefully may be considered at either Bachelors or the Masters level.

French institutions follow the 1-20 scale used at the secondary level.

The American University of Beirut and Beirut Arab University, mark students as following:
90-100% A excellent
80-89% B good
70-79% C fair
60-69% D weak
0-59% F fail

The Lebanese American University uses a 1-4 scale based on the grade-point average.

Last modified: June 13, 2019