Poland | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
Dobry (good), 4/5
B Plus GPA
Instruction Languages
Bachelors Equiv.
Dyplom Ukonczenia Studiow Wyzszych Magister (pre-2005); Dyplom Ukonczenia Studiow Wyzszych Lekarz; Bachelor (Licencjat, Inżynier)(post-2005)
Masters Equiv.
Dyplom Ukonczenia Studiow Wyzszych Magister requiring 5 years of study (pre-2005) *; Magister (post-2005)
First Degree Sample
Magister, Master's degree
Grading System

A numeric system of grades from 2 to 5, with grades every 0.5 (no 2.5 grade). A grade of 2 is not satisfactory/fail (niedostateczny).

5 very good (bardzo dobry)
4 good (dobry)
3 satisfactory (dostateczny)
2 unsatisfactory/fail (niedostateczny)
credit/pass (zaliczenie)

Recognized Universities

Adam Mickiewicz University
Catholic University of Lublin
Jagiellonian University
Medical Academy in Warsaw
Polytechnic University of Bialystok
Polytechnic University of Czestochova
Polytechnic University of Gdansk
Polytechnic University of Kielce
Polytechnic University of Lublin
Polytechnic University of Rzeszow
Polytechnic University of Silesia
Polytechnic University of Szczecin
Polytechnic University, Warsa
Polytechnic University of Wroclaw
University of Gdansk
University of Silesia
University of Szczecin
University of Warsaw
University of Wroclaw
Warsaw School of Economics

Notes for Poland

*Applicants who have completed a first degree program of five or more years in length which includes a thesis may be considered for admission to a doctoral program. Admission to the PhD programme should be discussed with your Student Services Officer.

The title of Magister is an employment qualification as well as an academic credential.

Bologna Note:

Poland joined Bologna process in 1999.

Since 1990 most/some universities (for ex. University of Warsaw) started to offer three cycle degree system but the 2005 Law on Higher Education gave it a legal framework :
three cycle – Bachelor’s (undergraduate), Master’s (graduate) and Doctoral degrees.

First cycle (Bachelor’s) lasts 3.0- 4.0 years
Second-cycle (Master’s) lasts 1.5-2.0
Long-cycle (Master’s) lasts 4.5-6.0 years
Doctoral cycle lasts 3.0-4.0 years.

Diploma Supplements have been issued by institutions since 2005.

ECTS grading system is being used in addition to the local grades as of 2005.

Old degrees (traditional long cycle Magister) are still offered in some fields but are now considered second cycle awards.

Last modified: June 13, 2019