Slovak Republic | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
2/4 on a reverse scale
B Plus GPA
Instruction Languages
Slovak, English
Bachelors Equiv.
Old System: Diplom; Absolvent Vysoke Skoly; Inzenyr (Engineering); MUDr. (Doctor of Medicine/Dentistry); MVDr. (Veterinary Medicine)New system: Bakalar requiring four years of study;Magister requiring four years of study
Masters Equiv.
Magister requiring five or more years of study; Magisterské; Inžinierske
Grading System

A/1 Excellent Výborneý
B/1.5 Good Vel`mi dobrýe
C/2 Acceptable Dobreý
D/2.5 Pass Uspokojivo
F/4 Fail Nedostatočne

Recognized Universities

Comenius University In Bratislava
Pavla Josef Safarika University in Kosice
Slovak Technical University in Bratislava
Technical University of Kosice

Notes for Slovak Republic

Bachelor programmes last for 6-8 semesters (180 to 240 ECTS credits). Students are awarded a bakalár upon completion. Applications from students with a bachelor’s degree of three years duration (180 ECTS) are considered on a case-by-case basis for graduate admission eligibility by the School of Graduate Studies. A non-standard admission case must be submitted to SGS for review and consideration.

Normally, pre-Bologna degrees of four years duration or a combination of post-secondary credentials totalling four years duration is required for standard admission.

Master programmes last for 2-4 semesters (60 to 120 ECTS credits). A total of 300 ECTS credits should have been awarded for the Bachelor and Master Degrees combined. A 4-year Bachelor Degree requires 240 ECTS, therefore a 1-year Master Degree with 60 ECTS is sufficient. A 3-year Bachelor Degree requires 180 ECTS, and so a 2-year Master Degree with 120 ECTS is necessary.

Bologna Note:

Slovak Republic joined Bologna process in 1999.
Since 2002 most universities started to offer three cycle degree system:

First cycle (Bachelor): 3-4 years (180-240 ECTS)
Second cycle (Master): 1-3 years (60-180 ECTS)
Third cycle (Doctorate): Minimum 3 years (180 ECTS)

Since 2008/2009 Diploma Supplements have been issued automatically to all graduates. For graduates who began their studies in or prior to 2004/2005 a Diploma Supplement is issued upon request. Upon request it can also be issued in English.

ECTS grading system is being used in addition to the local grades.

Last modified: October 18, 2019