Switzerland | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
5/6; 7/10; 2.5/5 on a reverse scale
B Plus GPA
5/6; 8/10; 2/5 on a reverse scale
Instruction Languages
German, French, Italian (some English and Romansh)
Bachelors Equiv.
Bachelor (Post-2005) Pre-2005: Lizentiat/Licence; Diploma/Diplome; Staatsdiplom (from a Federal Inst. of Technology); Diplome d`Ingenieur; Diplome d`Architecte; Maître de Dessin; Upper Secondary Teacher Credentials; Doktorat awarded as first degree.
Masters Equiv.
Master’s Pre-2005: Doctorate
Grad Sample
First Degree Sample
Lizentiat/Licence, Diploma/Diplome,Staatsdiplom (from a federal institute of technology)Diplome d'Ingenieur/Diplome d'Architecte/Maitre de Dessin/Upper Secondary Teacher Credentials Doktorat awarded as a first degree
Grading System

A- Equivalent: 5.25/6, 8.5/10, 1.7/5 on a reversed scale

Different grading scales:

6 – Very Good
5 – Good
4 – Fair/Pass
3 – Fair/Pass
2 – Fail

9-10 – Very Good
7-8 – Good
5-6 – Fair/Pass
2-4 – Fair/Pass
1 – Fail

Reverse 5-point
1 – Very Good
2 – Good
3 – Fair/Pass
4 – Fair/Pass
5 – Fail

sehr gut – Very Good
gut – Good
genügend – Fair/Pass
genügend – Fair/Pass
schlecht/ schwach/ sehr schwach – Fail

très bien – Very Good
bien – Good
insufficiant – Fair/pass
mauvais – Fail

molto bene – Very good
insufficiente – Fair/pass
insufficiente – Fair/pass
molto debole – Fail

Recognized Universities

Business Administration and Social Sciences
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
St Gallen Graduate School of Economics, Law,
University of Basle
University of Berne
University of Fribourg
University of St. Gallen
University of Geneva
University of Lausanne
University of Neuchatel
University of Zurich

Notes for Switzerland

Since 2003 most universities have started to offer three cycle degree system:

First cycle (Bachelor): 3-4 years (180-240 ECTS)
Second cycle (Master): 1.5-2 years (90-120 ECTS)
Third cycle (Doctorate): Minimum 3 years

A Bachelor`s Degree is offered at universities and universities of applied sciences. Bachelor`s degree programmes last for 6-8 semesters (180 to 240 ECTS credits). Applications from students with a bachelor’s degree of three years duration (180 ECTS) are considered on a case-by-case basis for graduate admission eligibility by the School of Graduate Studies. A non-standard admission case must be submitted to SGS for review and consideration.

The Diploma Supplement is available at all HEIs (universities, Fachhochschulen/ Pädagogische Hochschulen) and for all bachelor and master diplomas and doctoral degrees free of charge. It is issued automatically to all students together with their qualification, in the language of the institution (e.g. German, French or Italian) and in English.

The ECTS grading system is often used in addition to the local grades.

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