Turkey | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
Iyi or 3.0/4
B Plus GPA
Instruction Languages
Turkish, English (Bogazici University, Koç University
Bachelors Equiv.
Lisans Diplomasi (Bachelor`s), Muhendislik Diplomasi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Masters Equiv.
Yüksek Lisans Diplomasi (Master`s)
Grad Sample
First Degree Sample
Lisans Diplomasi (Bachelor's), Muhendis Diplomasi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Grading System

A- Equivalent: Iyi-Pekiyi or 3.5/4

4 – pekiyi (very good)
3 – iyi (good)
2 – orta (satisfactory)
1 – zaynf (weak)

Recognized Universities

Ankara Univ.
Ataturk University
Bilkent University (private)
Boganici Univ.
Bogazici (Boshporus)
Cukurova University
Dicle (Tigris) University
Ege (Agean) University
Hacettepe University
Univ. of Istanbul
Istanbul Teknik University
Istanbul University
Karadeniz (Black Sea) University
Koc University
Marmara University
Middle East Technical Univ. (aka Orta Dogu Teknik University)*
Mimar Sinan University
Sabanci University

Notes for Turkey

Turkish grading scales vary significantly from institution to institution, but GPA requirements for good standing are fairly consistent. At the bachelor’s level, students with a GPA between 3 and 3.5 (iyi – or good) graduate with Honours, while students with a 3.5 or higher graduate with High Honours. At the graduate level, students must maintain a GPA of 3 to remain in good standing. Consult the transcript legend to see what percentage marks are required for each of iyi, iyi-Pekiyi, and Pekiyi.

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