Grad Talk: U of T Libraries: Supporting your Research (Virtually)

With over 12 million books in 341 languages and 1,500,000 electronic resources, it may be overwhelming to figure out where to begin conducting research. This online talk will showcase library resources and services, many of them available online, that are of particular interest to grad students.Join U of T librarians Heather Buchansky and Ben Walsh for […]

Graduate Speaker Series

Graduate Speaker Series is a bi-weekly series for UofT students featuring UofT graduate students from all academic backgrounds presenting their research and ideas to a general audience of graduate students. We invite all UofT graduate students to attend, engage with speakers, learn about academic disciplines other than their own and build new connections. Details TBA!

Applying for Work

GPS Credit: 0.33 in Personal Effectiveness In this session, you will learn about applications, including how to structure an appealing cover letter and build compelling résumés that effectively communicate the relevance of your graduate and other experiences. What you need to know.• Ensure you register! Registration will provide you with the link and instructions for […]

Addressing the Challenges of Transitioning from In Person to Online Meetings

This workshop is taught by Clare NippardThis workshop - the first in a series of 4 - addresses some of the challenges we face following the very rapid transition from in person to online meetings, by focusing on practical suggestions for building confidence and competence.This workshop is prerecorded. The date and timing of this workshop […]


Becoming a Productive Writer – Online Workshop

This workshop is taught by Dr. Rachael Cayley One of the key challenges of graduate study is balancing the many demands on your time; every graduate student needs to manage both increased workload and increased autonomy. One of the areas in which you’re most likely to struggle is being productive as a writer. In this […]


Citation and Working with Sources in the Physical and Life Sciences – Online Workshop

This online workshop is taught by Dr. Peter GravAll scientific investigation is built upon previous research, which necessitates you introducing and discussing the work of others in your writing. In this online workshop we’ll look at the ins and outs of citing the literature effectively in science writing. Topics covered will include the role played […]


Creating Effective Figures

This workshop is taught by Dr. Peter SabatiniIt is said that "a picture is worth a thousand words". This is nowhere more true than in the realm of scientific research, where clear graphics are needed to summarize complex data, communicate difficult concepts, and to enable you to use fewer words in your publications. With the […]


Preparing Poster Presentations

This workshop is taught by Dr. Peter SabatiniIn this workshop we will identify the goals and benefits of presenting ongoing research in poster form. We will identify strategies for effective poster design, learn to organize and write poster text, and learn how to use tables and other visuals to present results. This workshop will also […]


Quoting and Paraphrasing: Working with Sources in the Social Sciences and Humanities – Online Workshop

This online workshop is taught by Dr. Peter GravIn this 30-minute online workshop for students in the humanities and social sciences, we’ll take a look at how we introduce other people’s research into our writing through quotation and paraphrase. We’ll consider the various levels of citation (from short quotations to large generalizations), the pros and […]


Representing Yourself Appropriately in your Email Correspondence

This workshop is taught by Clare NippardThe final workshop in a series of 4 moves from addressing synchronous to asynchronous academic interaction, providing a review of best practices to represent ourselves appropriately in our email correspondence.This workshop is prerecorded. The date and timing of this workshop is arbitrary to allow us to add this event […]


Speaking Up and Being Heard Online

This workshop is taught by Clare NippardThe second in a series of 4, this workshop makes suggestions for conversing more effectively in online meetings, looking in particular at turn taking, demonstrating engagement, and speaking up so as to be heard.This workshop is prerecorded. The date and timing of this workshop is arbitrary to allow us […]