Enhancing Your Degree

Enhancing Your Degree

There are so many ways to enhance your degree now that you’re here. Whether it’s applying for a fellowship, award, mentorship program, study abroad, or starting something new, this page will help you think of ways to make the most of your degree and plan for your bright future.

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Start Something New

There are fantastic opportunities on campus to meet new people and try something new, but maybe there’s something you’ve been thinking of that doesn’t exist yet. Here are some ideas to stretch yourself.

Start a club—or a business!

All clubs started somewhere! Take a scroll through Ulife. If you don’t find the club you’re looking for, start one! And did you know U of T supports entrepreneurs? Find out how!

Share your research

Learning to communicate your research to the public is an excellent professional skill. Sign up for the 3 Minute Thesis competition.

What can you start?

Organize an event

There are countless fantastic events held across U of T’s tri-campus. Take a look and let inspiration guide you as you plan one of your own. You can even apply for the SGS Sponsorship Fund and other campus funds to help you out!

Participate on social media

Social media is a great way to connect with other scholars in your field. Check out this CRIS Spotlight on Using Social Media to Promote Your Research and get started!

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

There are more than 40 collaborative specializations if you are interested in interdisciplinary studies. You may also be able to take courses in other departments or at other universities. Talk to your graduate unit to see what is possible.

Awards & Fellowships

There are countless awards and fellowship available at every point of your graduate journey—even when you’re done! Check out these opportunities below.


Whether you’re seeking a mentor or want to be one, U of T’s graduate mentorship programs will give you space to learn from others and to give back. These are just a few…

Canada & Beyond

Traveling to conferences, studying abroad, or conducting research at other universities are great ways to enrich your graduate experience. Here are some ideas. We’ll even help you get there.

Your Future

Wherever your future takes you, we know you’ll go on to do amazing things. And who knows—maybe we’ll see you again as a future student or postdoctoral fellow! In any case, we’d love to stay in touch.

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