Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English: An Overview of the Workshop Series

This series of three workshops will provide a brief introduction to academic writing at the graduate level for non-native speakers of English. The topics covered in the first and second workshops are derived from our Academic Writing 1: Focus on Fundamentals course; those in the third workshop are derived from our Academic Writing 2: Focus on Grammar course. If you have taken either of those courses, you’ll find that the corresponding workshops cover familiar ground. Everyone is welcome to attend, either to learn something new or to get a quick refresher on material covered in the past.

Understanding Tone in Academic Writing

For many new graduate students, writing in a sufficiently formal tone is a challenge. In this workshop, we will look at a collection of strategies designed to evaluate and adjust the level of formality of academic writing.

Managing Transitions in Academic Writing

Creating flow in academic writing is an important issue. Unfortunately, many novice writers try to create transitions with transition words alone rather than with clear links between sentences. In this workshop, we will look first at how to avoid overusing transition words and then at strategies for constructing coherent flow between sentences.

Improving Grammatical Correctness in Academic Writing

This workshop on grammatical correctness will focus on three issues that cause particular difficulties for non-native speakers of English: articles, pronoun reference, and punctuation. Throughout, we will look at the principles of sound writing, focusing on representative example sentences.