Listening & Speaking in Academic Settings

The Listening and Speaking workshops in this series for multilingual students draw from the Academic Conversation Skills (ACS) curriculum. These workshops are open both to students who have not taken the ACS course, as well as those who have taken it and would like to refresh their oral communication skills.

Active Listening and Speaking in Academic Settings

This workshop aims to help students better understand and participate in academic conversations by focusing on the positive actions you can take both as a listener and as a speaker. Topics discussed include the following: How do you interrupt someone for clarification or further explanation? How can you change the topic? and How do you involve others if you’re leading a discussion?

Strategies for Academic Vocabulary Acquisition

This workshop addresses problems non-native speakers of English often have with vocabulary knowledge. In this session, you’ll learn practical strategies for developing an active-thinking process that will facilitate your acquiring academic, as well as everyday, vocabulary through listening and reading.

Active Listening and Note-Taking

In this workshop, we’ll consider key assumptions made about various learning situations, as well as dominant learning styles in North American universities, such as learning through one’s ears. The workshop also explores what it means to listen actively in academic situations (e.g. lectures, seminars, labs and tutorials), and discusses note-taking strategies that will help you get information down on paper, or onto your laptop, more efficiently.

Strategies for Clear Speaking

This workshop will touch upon techniques for making your oral delivery smoother and strategies to help your audiences comprehend your presentation content. Such strategies include making transitions between important parts of the presentation, using visual support material as a pronunciation aid and answering questions from your audience. The workshop will also discuss how to ask questions with clarity and confidence in a large group setting.