More Support

All relationships involve some kind of conflict at different points in time, but there are types of conflict and situations that require additional support or intervention to resolve. We understand that relationships with academic peers can be complicated and we want to provide the support you need to facilitate positive, productive relationships with your academic peers.

Your department – You can talk to your supervisor, the graduate coordinator, chair or director of the graduate unit. A member of the department may have a more nuanced understanding of the situation, may be able to provide more specific advice, or may be able to identify an effective solution based on the situation.

School of Graduate Studies  – If you are experiencing conflict or challenges with your academic peers, you can talk to the Vice-Dean Students to get confidential advice on conflict, harassment, or other concerns. You can also discuss informal intervention and formal appeal processes. 

Office of the Ombudsperson – As part of the University’s commitment to ensuring that the rights of its individual members are protected, the University Ombudsperson is devoted to ensuring procedural fairness and just and reasonable outcomes. Matters are dealt with in strict confidence and will not be discussed with anyone without your written approval. However, please note that the Ombudsperson cannot start an investigation until all other University avenues have been exhausted.

University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union – The UTGSU provides its members with confidential advocacy services. If you are experiencing academic and/or administrative difficulties, including problems with your supervisor, department, or the university, the GSU can assist you with advice, information and representation. Any information you give will remain strictly confidential.