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Grad Activities

Join other grad students for social outings around the city through Grad Escapes as well as other initiatives such as conferences to support student wellness and build skills.

Grad Talks

Attend Grad Talks to build skills, gain knowledge, and offer balance on varied topics relevant for grad students. All talks are held at the Grad Room.

Grad Connections

Connect with other grad students at a bi-weekly chat forum at the SGS Lounge. A trained graduate student facilitator will be present.

Grad Conflict

Talk with a Peer Advisor at our Conflict Resolution Centre about any academic issue from disagreements with a supervisor to disputes with a lab mate.

Grad Academic Support

There are extensive services to support your academic needs. Meet with a learning strategist or attend a writer's group session.

Grad Career

Start thinking about your career goals or talk to a career educator about new career directions. Attend a workshop or an informational interview.

Grad International

Learn about support for international grad students to deal with transition issues, cultural differences, and obtaining residency status. Connect with a peer mentor.

Grad Leadership

Attend workshops and learn about topics such as leadership vs management, facilitation and more.

Grad Family

Visit the Family Care Office to learn about balance, and obtain daycare, pregnancy, or eldercare information. Student family housing is available.

What is Gradlife?

We are a hub to help support your grad life, through co-curricular programs, events, resources and engagement specifically for grad students. Follow us on social media to receive daily updates.

Essential Guide for Grads

Check out the NEW 2019/20 Essential Guide for Grad Students to find out all you need to know about navigating U of T grad life!several programs to support your grad life experience and provide community.

Upcoming Orientation Events for Incoming Students

Details coming soon!

Grad Focused St George Campus Tours (SGS Lounge)

  • Monday, August 19, 12pm, 3pm, 5:30pm
  • Wednesday August 21, 12pm, 3pm, 5:30pm
  • Friday August 23, 12pm, 3pm, 5:30pm

Transitioning to Grad School: Strategies for Success in a Research Program

Monday, August 26, 1-5pm (Main Activity Hall)

Transitioning to Grad School: Strategies for Success in a Professional Program

Tuesday, August 27, 4-8pm (Main Activity Hall)

Other Upcoming Events:

Grad Talk: Applying for Scholarships and Awards: when to start, where to start, July 18, 12-1:30pm

Questions, or Program Feedback   

Contact: gradlife@utoronto.ca


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