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From 17th-century Italian studies to vascular and cardiovascular pathology, the University of Toronto offers nearly 400 innovative areas of study within ​280 graduate programs. The training and experience you'll acquire at the master's or doctoral level will give you the tools you need to drive change and excel in virtually any industry. This is true whether you go on to teach and do research at a university, take a role in government, start a private enterprise, or embark on a professional career.

No matter which direction you choose, our goal is to offer recognized, research-driven graduate programs that provide you with the knowledge and experience to guide you through a lifetime of intellectual study, opportunity, and challenge.

There are more than 50 professional graduate programs​​ in fields such as health sciences, management, engineering, and others.

If you have a more interdisciplinary area of interest, browse our list of 40​ collaborative programs

See also diploma programs, designed for professionals who would like to pursue academic study but don't wish to enrol in a graduate degree program.

To contact your graduate unit (department, centre, or institute) consult the directory.

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Degree Programs & Areas of Study

Degree Program

​Area of Study

Adult Education & Community DevelopmentAdult Education & Community Development
Aerospace Science & EngineeringEngineering Physics
Aerospace Science & EngineeringFlight Dynamics
Aerospace Science & EngineeringFluid Dynamics
Aerospace Science & EngineeringMaterials & Structures
Aerospace Science & EngineeringSpace Systems Engineering
Aerospace Science & Engineering​Sustainable Aviation (NEW)
AnthropologyEvolutionary Anthropology
AnthropologyLinguistic & Semiotic Anthropology
AnthropologyMedical Anthropology
AnthropologySociocultural Anthropology
Applied ComputingApplied Discrete Mathematics
Applied ComputingArtificial Intelligence
Applied ComputingBioinformatics
Applied ComputingComputational Complexity
Applied ComputingComputer Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction
Applied ComputingComputer Systems: Hardware & Software
Applied ComputingDatabase & Information Systems
Applied ComputingProgramming Languages & Methodology
Applied ComputingScientific & Numerical Computation
Applied ComputingSoftware Engineering
Architecture Architecture
Astronomy & AstrophysicsGalaxies & Cosmology
Astronomy & AstrophysicsStellar & Galactic Astronomy
Biomedical CommunicationsBiomedical Media Design
Biomedical CommunicationsBiomedical Visualization Design
Biomedical EngineeringBiomaterials, Tissue Engineering, & Regenerative Medicine (NEW)
Biomedical Engineering​Clinical Engineering (NEW)
Biomedical Engineering​Engineering in a Clinical Setting (NEW) 
Biomedical Engineering​Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging and Systems Biology (NEW)
Biomedical Engineering​Neural/Sensory Systems Rehabilitation (NEW)
Cell & Systems BiologyCell & Molecular Biology
Cell & Systems BiologySystems Biology
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistryAdvanced Water Technologies & Process Design 
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistryBiomolecular & Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistryBioprocess Engineering
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistryChemical & Materials Process Engineering
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistryEngineering Informatics
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistryEnvironmental Science & Engineering
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistryPulp & Paper
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistrySurface & Interface Engineering
Chemical Engineering & Applied ChemistrySustainable Energy
ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry
ChemistryEnvironmental Chemistry
ChemistryInorganic Chemistry
ChemistryOrganic & Biological Chemistry
ChemistryPhysical Chemistry & Chemical Physics
ChemistryPolymers & Materials Chemistry
​​Child Study & Education​Child Study & Education​
​​Cinema Studies​Cinema Studies​
Cities Engineering & Management Cities Engineering & Management
Civil EngineeringAdvanced Water Technologies & Process Design ​   
Civil EngineeringBuilding Engineering
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering
Civil EngineeringGeomechanics
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering
Civil EngineeringTransportation Engineering
ClassicsAncient (Greek & Roman) Philosophy & Science
ClassicsGreek & Roman History
ClassicsGreek & Roman Literature
​Clinical Engineering​Clinical Engineering
Community HealthAddictions & Mental Health
Community HealthFamily & Community Medicine
Community HealthHealth Practitioner Teacher Education
Community HealthOccupational Health Care
Community HealthWound Prevention & Care
Comparative LiteratureLiterature Across Boundaries
Comparative LiteratureTheory of Literature
Computer ScienceApplied Discrete Mathematics
Computer ScienceArtificial Intelligence
Computer ScienceBioinformatics
Computer ScienceComputational Complexity
Computer ScienceComputer Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction
Computer ScienceComputer Systems: Hardware & Software
Computer ScienceDatabase & Information Systems
Computer ScienceProgramming Languages & Methodology
Computer ScienceScientific & Numerical Computation
Computer ScienceSoftware Engineering
​Counselling & Clinical Psychology​ Clinical Psychology 
​Counselling & Clinical Psycho​logy ​ Clinical & Counselling Psychology
Counselling Psychology Counselling & Psychotherapy
Counselling Psychology Guidance & Counselling
CriminologyCriminal Justice
CriminologySociolegal Studies
Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development​Critical Studies in Curriculum & Pedagogy (NEW)
Curriculum Studies & Teacher DevelopmentCurriculum​​​​
DentistryDiagnostic & Therapeutic Technologies
DentistryGrowth, Development & Regeneration
DentistryHealth, Status, Clinical Outcome Measures & Health Care Delivery
DentistryMolecular Approaches to the Study of Oral Health & Disease Pathogenesis
Developmental Psychology & EducationDevelopmental Psychology & Education
Developmental Psychology & EducationEarly Learning 
Drama, Theatre & Performance StudiesDramaturgy
Drama, Theatre & Performance StudiesTheatre History
Drama, Theatre & Performance StudiesTheory of Drama
Earth SciencesEarth & Planetary Materials
Earth SciencesEnvironmental Geoscience
Earth SciencesGeobiology
Earth SciencesGeodynamics
Earth SciencesSedimentary Geology
East Asian StudiesEast Asian Studies (Classical)
East Asian StudiesEast Asian Studies (Modern)
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyEcology
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyEvolution
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyIntegrative Biology
EconomicsEconomic Development
EconomicsFinancial Economics
EconomicsIndustrial Organization
EconomicsInternational Economics
EconomicsLabour Economics
EconomicsMicroeconomic Theory
EconomicsPolitical Economy
EconomicsPublic Economics
EconomicsUrban Economics
Educational Leadership & Policy Educational Administration
Electrical & Computer EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
Electrical & Computer EngineeringCommunications
Electrical & Computer EngineeringComputer Engineering
Electrical & Computer EngineeringElectromagnetics
Electrical & Computer EngineeringElectronics
Electrical & Computer EngineeringEnergy Systems
Electrical & Computer EngineeringPhotonics
Electrical & Computer EngineeringSystems Control
EnglishAmerican Literature
EnglishAspects of Theory
EnglishCanadian Literature
EnglishCreative Writing
EnglishMedieval Literature
EnglishRenaissance Literature
EnglishRestoration & Eighteenth-Century Literature
EnglishRomantic & Victorian Literature
EnglishTwentieth- & Twenty-First Century British & Irish Literature
EnglishWorld Literatures in English
Environmental ScienceBiophysical Interactions in Terrestrial & Aquatic Systems
Environmental ScienceClimate Change & the Environment
Environmental Science​Climate Change Impact Assessment (NEW)
Environmental Science​Conservation & Biodiversity (NEW)
Environmental ScienceContaminant Flux
Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science in Transitional Economies
Environmental ScienceGreat Lakes Ecosystems
Environmental ScienceRemediation & Restoration of Degraded Environmental Systems
Environmental ScienceUrban Geoscience
​European, Russian, & Eurasian StudiesEuropean, Russian, & Eurasian Studies​
Exercise SciencesBiophysical Sciences
Exercise SciencesSociocultural/ Behavioural Studies
Financial EconomicsFinancial Economics
Forest Conservation​Forest Conservation
French Language & LiteratureFrench Linguistics
French Language & LiteratureFrench Literature
​​Genetic Counselling​Genetic Counselling
GeographyEnvironmental Geography & Resource Management
GeographyHistorical / Social / Cultural Geography
GeographyPhysical Geography & Natural Systems
GeographySpatial Information Systems
GeographyUrban / Economic Geography
German Literature, Culture & TheoryGerman Literature, Culture & Theory
German Literature, Culture & TheoryYiddish Studies
​Global Affairs​Global Affairs
Global Professional LawBusiness Law
​​Health Administration​Health Administration
​​Health Informatics​Health Informatics
Health Policy, Management & EvaluationClinical Epidemiology & Health Care Research
Health Policy, Management & EvaluationHealth Services Research
Health Policy, Management & EvaluationHealth Technology Assessment & Management
Health Policy, Management & Evaluation​Quality Improvement & Patient Safety (NEW)
Higher EducationHealth Professional Education
Higher EducationHigher Education
Higher EducationStudent Development & Student Services in Postsecondary Education
HistoryAmerican History
HistoryAsian History
HistoryBritish History
HistoryCanadian History
HistoryEast European History
HistoryEuropean History
HistoryHistory of Medicine
HistoryInternational Relations
HistoryLatin American History
HistoryMedieval History
HistoryRussian History
HistoryWomen's History
History & Philosophy of Science & TechnologyHistory of Mathematics & Physical Sciences
History & Philosophy of Science & TechnologyHistory of Medicine & Life Sciences
History & Philosophy of Science & TechnologyHistory of Technology
History & Philosophy of Science & TechnologyPhilosophy of Science
History of ArtAncient
History of ArtMedieval
History of ArtModern
History of ArtRenaissance & Baroque
Industrial Relations & Human ResourcesCanadian Industrial Relations & Human Resources
InformationArchives & Records Management
Information​Critical Information Policy Studies (NEW)
InformationCultural Heritage
Information​Culture & Technology
InformationInformation Systems & Design
InformationKnowledge Management & Information Management
Information​Knowledge Media Design
InformationLibrary & Information Science
InformationPhilosophy of Information
Italian Studies17th & 18th Centuries
Italian Studies19th & 20th Centuries
Italian StudiesItalian Literature
Italian StudiesMiddle Ages & Renaissance
Laboratory Medicine & PathobiologyBone & Matrix Pathobiology
Laboratory Medicine & PathobiologyCancer
Laboratory Medicine & PathobiologyImmunopathology, Lymphatics, & Transplantation
Laboratory Medicine & PathobiologyMicrobiology & Infectious Diseases
Laboratory Medicine & PathobiologyNeuropathobiology & Endocrine Disorders
Laboratory Medicine & PathobiologyVascular & Cardiovascular Pathology
​Landscape Architecture​Landscape Architecture
​​Language & Literacies Education​Language & Literacies Education
LawBusiness Law
LawCriminal Law
LawHealth Law, Ethics, & Policy ​(NEW)
LawLaw & Economics
LawLegal Theory
LawPrivate Law
LawPublic Law
LinguisticsLanguage Variations
LinguisticsTheoretical Linguistics
Management​Business Economics (NEW)
ManagementOperations Management
ManagementOrganizational Behaviour & Human Resources Management
ManagementStrategic Management
​Management & Professional Accounting​​​​Management & Professional Accounting
​​Management of Innovation​​Management of Innovation
Materials Science & EngineeringAdvanced Materials
Materials Science & EngineeringAdvanced Water Technologies & Process Design          
Materials Science & EngineeringExtractive & Process Metallurgy
Materials Science & EngineeringPhysical Metallurgy
Mathematical FinanceMathematical Finance
MathematicsApplied Mathematics
MathematicsPure Mathematics
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringAdvanced Manufacturing & Materials Engineering
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringApplied Mechanics & Design
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringEnergy & Environmental Engineering
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering​Human Factors/Ergonomics
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringInformation Engineering
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringOperations Research
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringRobotics, Mechatronics, & Instrumentation 
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringThermal & Fluid Sciences Engineering
Medical BiophysicsCellular & Molecular Biology
Medical BiophysicsMedical Physics
Medical BiophysicsMolecular & Structural Biology
Medical ScienceBioethics
Medical ScienceBiomedical Science
Medical ScienceClinical Science
Medical ScienceHealth Professions Education
Medical SciencePopulation Health/Health Services
Medical ScienceRadiation Oncology
Medieval StudiesAuxiliary Sciences
Medieval StudiesHistory & Religion
Medieval StudiesLanguage & Literature
Medieval StudiesMusic & Art
Medieval StudiesPhilosophy & Theology
Molecular GeneticsCellular & Molecular Structure & Function
Molecular GeneticsComputational & Systems Biology
Molecular GeneticsFunctional Genomics & Proteomics
Molecular GeneticsGenetic Models of Development & Disease
Molecular GeneticsMolecular Medicine & Human Genetics
Molecular GeneticsMolecular Microbiology & Infectious Disease
Museum StudiesMuseum Studies
Music​Music & Health (NEW)
MusicMusic Education
Music​Music Theory (NEW)
Music PerformanceCollaborative Piano
Music PerformanceComposition
Music PerformanceConducting
Music Performance​Historical Performance (NEW)
Music PerformanceInstrumental
Music PerformanceJazz
Music PerformanceOpera
Music PerformancePerformance
Music PerformancePiano Pedagogy
Music PerformanceVocal
Music PerformanceVocal Pedagogy
Near & Middle Eastern CivilizationsAncient & Near Eastern Studies
Near & Middle Eastern CivilizationsMiddle Eastern & Islamic Studies
Nursing ScienceClinical Nursing
Nursing ScienceCritical Approaches to Health & Health Care
Nursing ScienceEffective Care & Health Outcomes
Nursing Science​Health Systems Leadership & Administration (NEW)
Nursing ScienceNurse Practitioner
Nursing ScienceNursing Health Systems
Nutritional SciencesClinical & Public Health Nutrition
Nutritional SciencesMolecular & Basic Nutrition
​Occupational Therapy​Occupational Therapy
Pharmaceutical SciencesClinical, Social, & Administrative Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical SciencesMolecular Pharmacology & Toxicology
Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
PharmacologyClinical Pharmacology
PharmacologyDrug Mechanisms, Signal Transduction, & Regulation
PharmacologyDrug Metabolism / Toxicology
Philosophy19th & 20th Century Continental Philosophy
PhilosophyAncient Philosophy
PhilosophyCognitive Science
PhilosophyEarly Modern Philosophy
PhilosophyFeminist Philosophy
PhilosophyHistory of Analytic Philosophy
PhilosophyJewish Philosophy
PhilosophyLogic & Philosophy of Language
PhilosophyMedieval Philosophy
PhilosophyMetaphysics & Epistemology
PhilosophyPhilosophy of Law
PhilosophyPhilosophy of Mind
PhilosophyPhilosophy of Science
PhilosophySocial & Political Philosophy
​​Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy
PhysicsAtmospheric Physics
PhysicsCondensed Matter Physics
PhysicsQuantum Optics
PhysicsSubatomic Physics & Astrophysics
PhysiologyBrain & Behaviour: the Neurosciences
PhysiologyCardiovascular, Renal & Respiratory: the Integrative Sciences
PhysiologyEndocrine Science & Diabetes
PhysiologyReproduction & Developmental Sciences
PlanningCities in Global Context: Economic Development & Social Planning
PlanningEconomic Planning & Policy
PlanningEnvironmental & Sustainability Planning
PlanningEnvironmental Planning
PlanningSocial Planning & Policy
PlanningUrban Design
PlanningUrban Development, Design & the Built Environment
PlanningUrban Planning & Development
Political ScienceCanadian Politics
Political ScienceComparative Politics
Political ScienceDevelopmental Studies
Political ScienceInternational Relations
Political SciencePolitical Economy of International Development
Political SciencePolitical Science
Political SciencePolitical Theory
Political SciencePublic Policy
PsychologyBiology & Behaviour
PsychologyPerception, Cognition, & Cognitive Neuroscience
PsychologySocial / Personality / Abnormal
Public Health SciencesBiostatistics
Public Health SciencesCommunity Nutrition
Public Health SciencesEpidemiology
Public Health SciencesFamily & Community Medicine
Public Health SciencesOccupational & Environmental Health Science
Public Health SciencesSocial & Behavioural Health Sciences
Public PolicyGlobal Public Policy
Public PolicySocial & Economic Policy
Rehabilitation ScienceMovement Science
Rehabilitation ScienceOccupational Science
Rehabilitation SciencePractice Science
Rehabilitation ScienceRehabilitation Health Services Studies
Rehabilitation ScienceRehabilitation Technology Sciences
Rehabilitation ScienceSocial & Cognitive Rehabilitation Sciences
ReligionBuddhist Studies
ReligionHinduism & South Asian Religions
ReligionReligion & Medicine
ReligionReligion, Culture, Politics
ReligionReligion, Ethics, & Modern Thought
ReligionReligions of Mediterranean Antiquity
School & Clinical Child PsychologySchool & Clinical Child Psychology
Slavic Languages & LiteraturesSlavic Linguistics
Slavic Languages & LiteraturesSlavic Literatures
Social Justice Education​Social Justice Education
Social WorkChildren & Their Families
Social WorkGerontology
Social WorkHealth & Mental Health
Social WorkSocial Justice & Diversity
Social WorkSocial Service Administration
Social WorkSocial Work Policy Analysis
Social WorkSocial Work Practice, Theory, & Research
SociologyCrime & Socio-Legal Studies
SociologyGender & Family
SociologyHealth/Mental Health
SociologyImmigration & Ethnic Relations
SociologyNetworks & Community
SociologyPolitical Sociology
SociologyStratification, Work & Labour Markets
SociologyThe Sociology of Culture
SpanishHispanic Linguistics
SpanishLatin American Literature
SpanishSpanish Peninsular Literature
Speech-Language PathologyLanguage Development & Disorders Across the Lifespan
Speech-Language PathologyNormal & Disordered Speech & Swallowing
StatisticsActuarial Science & Mathematical Finance
StatisticsStatistical Theory & Applications
​Sustainability Management​Management 
​Sustainability Management​Science
TeachingElementary Education
Teaching​     ​Secondary Education
​Urban Design​Urban Design
Urban Design StudiesUrban Design Studies
Visual StudiesCuratorial Studies
Visual StudiesStudio
​​Women & Gender Studies​​Women & Gender Studies​