​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​400 Areas of Study Within 280 Graduate Programs

The training and experience you'll acquire at the master's or doctoral level will give you tools to drive change and excel in virtually any industry—​whether you go on to teach and do research at a university,​ take a role in government, start a private enterprise, or embark on a professional career. Our research-driven graduate programs will help guide you through a lifetime of intellectual study, opportunity, and challenge.

Types of Programs 

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​Degree Progra​m

​Area of Study

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​​Adult Education & ​Community Development ​Adult Education & Community Development
Aerospace Science & Engineering Engineering Physics
Flight Dynamics
Fluid Dynamics

Materials & Structures​​
Space Systems Engineering​​​

Evolutionary Anthropology

Linguistic & Semiotic Anthropology
Medical Anthropology
Sociocultural Anthropology
Applied ComputingApplied Discrete Mathematics

Artificial Intelligence

​Computational Complexity

Computer Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction

Computer Systems: Hardware & Software

Database & Information Systems
Programming Languages & Methodology
Scientific & Numerical Computation
Software Engineering
Astronomy & Astrophysics Galaxies & Cosmology
​Stellar & Galactic Astronomy


Biochemistry ​Biochemistry
Biomedical Communications Biomedical Media Design
Biomedical Visualization Design
Biomedical Engineering Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, & Regenerative Medicine 
Clinical Engineering 
Engineering in a Clinical Setting 
Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging, & Systems Biology 

Neural/Sensory Systems Rehabilitation



Cell & Systems Biology​Cell & Molecular Biology

Systems Biology​
Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
​Biomolecular & Biomedical Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering​

​Chemical & Materials Process Engineering
​Engineering Informatics

​Environmental Science & Engineering

Pulp & Paper​

Surface & Interface Engineering​
ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry


Organic & Biological Chemistry
Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics

Polymers & Materials Chemistry
Child Study & EducationPractice-Based Inquiry in Psychology and Educational Practice (NEW)

Research-Intensive Training in Psychology and Education (NEW)
Cinema StudiesCinema Studies​
Cities Engineering & Management​​​Cities ​Engineering & Management 
Civil Engineering​Building Engineering

​​Environmental Engineering

Structural Engineering

​Transportation Engineering
ClassicsGreek & Roman Philosophy (NEW)

​Greek & Roman History
​Greek & Roman Literature
Clinical Engineering​​Clinical Engineering
Community Health Addictions & Mental Health​

​Family & Community Medicine

​Global Public Health
​Health Practitioner & Teacher Education

​Occupational Health Care

​Wound Prevention & Care
Comparative Literature​Literature Across Boundaries
​Theory of Literature
Computer Science​Applied Discrete Mathematics
Artificial Intelligence​

​Computational Complexity

Computer Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction​
Computer Systems: Hardware & Software​

​Database & Information Systems

​Programming Languages & Methodology

​Scientific & Numerical Computation

​Software Engineering
​​​​​​​Couns​elling & Clinical Psychology​​Clinical & Counselling ​Psychology​​​
Clinical Psychology
Counselling Psychology​Counselling & Psychotherapy

​Guidance & Counselling
Criminology​Criminal Justice

​Sociolegal Studies
Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development​Critical Studies in Curriculum & Pedagogy



​Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technologies

​Growth, Development, & Regeneration

​Health, Status, Clinical Outcome Measures, & Health Care Delivery
​Molecular Approaches to the Study of Oral Health & Disease Pathogenesis
​Pain / Neurosciences
​​Developmental Psychology & Education​Developmental Psychology & Education

​Early Learning
​​Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies​Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies ​


Earth Sciences​Earth & Planetary Materials

Environmental Geoscience​

​Sedimentary Geology
East Asian Studies​East Asian Studies (Classical)
​East Asian Studies (Modern)
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology​Ecology


Integrative Biology​

​Economic Development
​Financial Economics

Industrial Organization​
​International Economics
​Labour Economics
​Microeconomic Theory
Political Economy​
​Public Economics
​Urban Economics
Educational Leadership & Policy​Educational Administration
Electrical & Computer Engineering​Biomedical Engineering

Computer Engineering​


​Energy Systems

​Systems Control
English​American Literature

​Aspects of Theory

​Canadian Literature

Creative Writing​
​Medieval Literature

Renaissance Literature​

​Restoration & Eighteenth-Century Literature
​Romantic & Victorian Literature

​Twentieth- & Twenty-First Century British & Irish Literature

​World Literatures in English
Environmental Science​Biophysical Interactions in Terrestrial & Aquatic Systems
Climate Change & the Environment​
​Climate Change Impact Assessment
​​Conservation & Biodiversity​​​​
​Contaminant Flux
​Environmental Science in Transitional Economies
​Great Lakes Ecosystems

Remediation & Restoration of Degraded Environmental Systems​​

​Urban Geoscience
​​European and Russian Affairs​European and Russian Affairs​
Exercise Sciences​Biophysical Sciences

​Sociocultural / Behavioural Studies



Financial Economics​Financial Economics
Financial Risk Management ​​Financial Risk Management (NEW for Sept 2016)
Forest Conservation​Forest Conservation​
French Language & LiteratureFrench Linguistics​

​French Literature



Genetic Counselling Genetic Counsellin​g
GeographyEnvironmental Geography & Resource Management
Historical / Social / Cultural Geography
Physical Geography & Natural Systems
Spatial Information Systems

Urban / Economic Geography
Germanic Languages & LiteraturesGerman Literature, Culture & Theory
​Yiddish Studies
German Literature, Culture & Theory​German Literature, Culture & Theory

​Yiddish Studies
Global Affairs Global Affairs
Global Professional Law​​Business Law



​​Health AdministrationH​ealth Administration​
Health Informatics​Health Informatics​
Health Policy, Management & Evaluation​Clinical Epidemiology & Health Care Research

​Health Services Research
​Health Technology Assessment & Management

​Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

​System Leadership & Innovation (NEW)​​​
Higher Education Health Professional Education​

Higher Education​

Student Development & Student Services in Postsecondary Education​
History​African History

​American History

Atlantic World History (NEW)

British & Irish History (NEW)
​Canadian History
​Cultural & Intellectual History (NEW)​​

​East Asian History (NEW)

​European History
​Food History (NEW)
History of Conflict, Violence, & Genocide (NEW)
​History of Economy, Technology, & Society (NEW)
​​History of Empire, Colonialism, & Indigeneity (NEW)

​History of Gender, Sex, & Sexualities (NEW)
History of Medicine​

​History of Migration/Diaspora (NEW)
​History of Religion & Society (NEW)

​History of State, Politics, & Law ​(NEW)
International Relations​

​Latin American & Caribbean History (NEW)

Medieval History​

​Mediterranean & Middle Eastern History (NEW)

​Russian History

​Social History (NEW)​​
​South Asian History (NEW)

​Southeast Asian History (NEW)
History & Philosophy of Science & Technology History of Mathematics & Physical Sciences​

History of Medicine & Life Sciences​
​History of Technology

​Philosophy of Science
History of Art Ancient​



Renaissance & Baroque​



Immunology​​Applied Immunology (NEW)
Fundamental Immunology
Industrial Relations & Human Resources​Industrial Relations & Human Resources
Information​Archives & Records Management
Critical Information Policy Studies

Cultural Heritage​

Culture & Technology​
​Information Systems & Design

​Knowledge Management & Information Management

​Knowledge Media Design

Library & Information Science​

​Philosophy of Information
Italian Studies​17th & 18th Centuries

​19th & 20th Centuries
​Italian Literature

​Middle Ages & Renaissance


Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology​Bone & Matrix Pathobiology​

​Immunopathology, Lymphatics, & Transplantation

​Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

​Neuropathobiology & Endocrine Disorders

​Vascular & Cardiovascular Pathology
Landscape Architecture​Landscape Architecture​
Language & Literacies Education​Language & Literacies Education
LawBusiness Law​

Criminal Law​

Health Law, Ethics, & Policy

​Legal Theory
Linguistics​Language Variations


​Theoretical Linguistics​



​Management, MBA​Management
​Management​, PhD​Accounting
​Business Economics 

​Operations Management
Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources Management​

Strategic Management​
Management & Professional Accounting​​​​​Management & Professional Accounting
Management of Innovation​​Management of Innovation
Materials Science & Engineering​Advanced Materials

​Extractive & Process Metallurgy
​Physical Metallurgy
Mathematical Finance​Mathematical Finance
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering​Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Engineering

​Applied Mechanics & Design

​Biomedical Engineering

​Energy & Environmental Engineering
​Human Factors / Ergonomics

​Information Engineering
​​Operations Research​
​Robotics, Mechatronics, & Instrumentation 
​​​Thermal & Fluid Sciences Engineering
Medical Biophysics​Cellular & Molecular Biology

​Medical Physics

Molecular & Structural Biology​
​​Medical Radiation Scie​ncesMedical Radiation Sciences​
Medical Science​Bioethics

​Biomedical Science
Clinical Science​

​Health Professions Education

​Population Health / Health Services
Radiation Oncology​
Medieval Studies​Auxiliary Sciences

​History & Religion
​Language & Literature
​Music & Art
​Philosophy & Theology
Molecular Genetics​Cellular & Molecular Structure & Function
​Computational & Systems Biology
​Functional Genomics & Proteomics
Genetic Models of Development & Disease​
​Molecular Medicine & Human Genetics
Molecular Microbiology & Infectious Disease​
Museum StudiesMuseum Studies​
​Music & Health
Music Education
Music Theory
Music Performance Collaborative Piano


Historical Performance


Music Technology & Digital Media (NEW)

Piano Pedagogy


Vocal Pedagogy



Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Ancien​t Near Eastern Studies​​
Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies
Nursing ScienceClinical Nursing

Critical Approaches to Health & Health Care

Effective Care & Health Outcomes
Health Systems Leadership & Administration (NEW)
Nurse Practitioner
Nursing Health Systems
Nutritional Sciences Clinical & Public Health Nutrition
Molecular & Basic Nutrition



Occupational Therapy​Occupational Therapy​



Pharmace​utical Sciences​​​Clinical, Social, & Administrative Pharmaceutical Sciences

Molecular Pharmacology & Toxicology

Pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
PharmacologyClinical Pharmacology

Drug Mechanisms, Signal Transduction, & Regulation

Drug Metabolism / Toxicology

Philosophy19th & 20th Century Continental Philosophy


Ancient Philosophy

Cognitive Science

Early Modern Philosophy


Feminist Philosophy

History of Analytic Philosophy

Jewish Philosophy

Logic & Philosophy of Language

Medieval Philosophy

Metaphysics & Epistemology

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Science

Social & Political Philosophy
​​Physical Therapy​Physical Therapy​​
PhysicsAtmospheric Physics


Condensed Matter Physics


Quantum Optics

Subatomic Physics & Astrophysics
PhysiologyBrain & Behaviour: the Neurosciences

Cardiovascular, Renal, & Respiratory: the Integrative Sciences

Endocrine Science & Diabetes

Reproduction & Developmental Sciences
PlanningCities in Global Context: Economic Development & Social Planning

Economic Planning & Policy

Environmental & Sustainability Planning

Environmental Planning

Social Planning & Policy

Urban Design

Urban Development, Design, & the Built Environment

Urban Planning & Development
Political ScienceCanadian Politics

Comparative Politics

Developmental Studies

International Relations

Political Economy of International Development

Political Science

Political Theory

Public Policy
PsychologyBiology & Behaviour


Perception, Cognition, & Cognitive Neuroscience

Social / Personality / Abnormal
Psychological Clinical Science​​Clinical Psychology
Public Health SciencesBiostatistics


Family & Community Medicine
​Global Public Health (NEW)

Nutrition and Dietetics

Occupational & Environmental Health

Social & Behavioural Health Sciences
Public PolicyGlobal Public Policy

Social & Economic Policy


Rehabilitation Science Movement ​Science

Occupational Science

Practice Science
Rehabilitation Health Services Studies
Rehabilitation Technology Sciences
Social & Cognitive Rehabilitation Sciences
Religion Buddhist Studies
Hinduism & South Asian Religions


Religion & Medicine
Religion, Culture, Politics
Religion, Ethics, & Modern Thought

Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity


School & Clinical Child PsychologySchool & Clinical Child Psychology​
Slavic Languages & LiteraturesSlavic Linguistics​

Slavic Literatures​
Social Justice EducationSocial Justice Education​
Social Work​Children & Their Families


​Health & Mental Health

Social Justice & Diversity​
​Social Service Administration (Effective Fall 2016: Human Services Management and Leadership)
Social Work Policy Analysis​
Social Work Practice, Theory, & Research​
Sociology​Crime & Socio-Legal Studies
​Gender & Family

​Health / Mental Health

Immigration & Ethnic Relations​
​Networks & Community
​Political Sociology
​Stratification, Work, & Labour Markets
​The Sociology of Culture
Spanish​Hispanic Linguistics
​Hispanic Literatures & Cultures (NEW)
Speech-Language Pathology​Language Development & Disorders Across the Lifespan (NEW)
​Normal & Disordered Speech & Swallowing (NEW)
Statistics​Actuarial Science & Mathematical Finance
​Statistical Theory & Applications
​​Sustainability Management​Management 



TeachingElementary ​Education​​

Secondary Education
Translational Research in the Health SciencesTranslational Research in the Health Sciences (NEW)



Urban DesignUrb​an Design



Visual Studies Curatorial​​ S​tudies



Women & Gender Studies Women & Gender Studies​​​​