​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​400 Areas of Study Within 280 Graduate Programs

The training and experience​ you'll acquire at the master's or doctoral level will give you tools to dr​ive change and excel in virtually any industry—​whether you go on to teach and do research at a university,​ take a role in government, start a private enterprise, or embark on a professional career. Our research-driven graduate programs will help guide you through a lifetime of intellectual study, opportunity, and challenge.

Types of Programs

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​Degree Progra​m

​Area of Study

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​​Adult Education & ​Community Development ​Adult Education & Community Development
Aerospace Science & Engineering Engineering Physics
Flight Dynamics
Fluid Dynamics

Materials & Structures​​
Space Systems Engineering​​​

Evolutionary Anthropology

Linguistic & Semiotic Anthropology
Medical Anthropology
Sociocultural Anthropology
Applied ComputingApplied Discrete Mathematics

Artificial Intelligence

​Computational Complexity

Computer Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction

Computer Systems: Hardware & Software

Database & Information Systems
Programming Languages & Methodology
Scientific & Numerical Computation
Software Engineering
Astronomy & Astrophysics Galaxies & Cosmology
​Stellar & Galactic Astronomy



Biochemistry ​Biochemistry
Biomedical Communications Biomedical Media Design
Biomedical Visualization Design
Biomedical Engineering Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, & Regenerative Medicine 
Clinical Engineering 
Engineering in a Clinical Setting
Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging, & Systems Biology

Neural/Sensory Systems Rehabilitation



Cell & Systems Biology​Cell & Molecular Biology

Systems Biology​
Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
​Biomolecular & Biomedical Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering​

​Chemical & Materials Process Engineering
​Engineering Informatics

​Environmental Science & Engineering

Pulp & Paper​

Surface & Interface Engineering​
ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry


Organic & Biological Chemistry
Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics

Polymers & Materials Chemistry
Child Study & Education (Teaching)Practice-Based Inquiry in Psychology and Educationa​l Practice                  

Research-Intensive Training in Psychology and Education                  
Cinema StudiesCinema Studies​
Cities Engineering & Management​​Cities ​Engineering & Management
Civil Engineering​Building Engineering

​​Environmental Engineering

Structural Engineering

​Transportation Engineering
ClassicsGreek & Roman Philosophy (NEW)

​Greek & Roman History
​Greek & Roman Literature
Clinical Engineering​​Clinical Engineering
Community Health Addictions & Mental Health​

​Family & Community Medicine

​Global Public Health
​Health Practitioner & Teacher Education

​Occupational Health Care

​Wound Prevention & Care
Comparative Literature​Literature Across Boundaries
​Theory of Literature
Computer Science​Applied Discrete Mathematics
Artificial Intelligence​

​Computational Complexity

Computer Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction​
Computer Systems: Hardware & Software​

​Database & Information Systems

​Programming Languages & Methodology

​Scientific & Numerical Computation

​Software Engineering
​​​​​​​Couns​elling & Clinical Psychology​​ Clinical & Counselling ​Psychology​​​
Clinical Psychology
Counselling Psychology​Counselling & Psychotherapy

​Guidance & Counselling
Criminology​Criminal Justice

​Sociolegal Studies
Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development​Critical Studies in Curriculum & Pedagogy



​Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technologies

​Growth, Development, & Regeneration

​Health, Status, Clinical Outcome Measures, & Health Care Delivery
​Molecular Approaches to the Study of Oral Health & Disease Pathogenesis
​Pain / Neurosciences
​​Developmental Psychology & Education​Developmental Psychology & Education

​Early Learning
​​Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies​Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies


Earth Sciences​Earth & Planetary Materials

Environmental Geoscience​

​Sedimentary Geology
East Asian Studies​East Asian Studies (Classical)
​East Asian Studies (Modern)
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology​Ecology


Integrative Biology​

​Economic Development
​Financial Economics

Industrial Organization​
​International Economics
​Labour Economics
​Microeconomic Theory
Political Economy​
​Public Economics
​Urban Economics
Educational Leadership & Policy​Educational Administration
Electrical & Computer Engineering​Biomedical Engineering

Computer Engineering​


​Energy Systems

​Systems Control
English​American Literature

​Aspects of Theory

​Canadian Literature

Creative Writing​
​Medieval Literature

Renaissance Literature​

​Restoration & Eighteenth-Century Literature
​Romantic & Victorian Literature

​Twentieth- & Twenty-First Century British & Irish Literature

​World Literatures in English
Environmental Science​Biophysical Interactions in Terrestrial & Aquatic Systems
Climate Change & the Environment​
​Climate Change Impact Assessment
​​Conservation & Biodiversity​​​​
​Contaminant Flux
​Environmental Science in Transitional Economies
​Great Lakes Ecosystems

Remediation & Restoration of Degraded Environmental Systems​​

​Urban Geoscience
​​European and Russian Affairs​European and Russian Affairs​
Exercise Sciences​Biophysical Sciences

​Sociocultural / Behavioural Studies



Financial Economics​Financial Economics
​Financial Insurance​​Financial Insurance
Financial Risk Management​Financial Risk Management (NEW for Sept 2016)
Forest Conservation​Forest Conservation​
French Language & LiteratureFrench Linguistics​

​French Literature



Genetic CounsellingGenetic Counsellin​g​
GeographyEnvironmental Geography & Resource Management
​Historical / Social / Cultural Geography
Physical Geography & Natural Systems
​Spatial Information Systems

Urban / Economic Geography
Germanic Languages & Literatures (MA)
German Literature, Culture & Theory
​Yiddish Studies
German Literature, Culture & Theory (PhD)
​German Literature, Culture & Theory

​Yiddish Studies
Global AffairsGlobal Affairs​
Global Professional Law​​Business Law



​​Health AdministrationH​ealth Administration​
Health Informatics​Health Informatics​
Health Policy, Management & Evaluation​Clinical Epidemiology & Health Care Research

​Health Services Research
​Health Technology Assessment & Management

​Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

​System Leadership & Innovation (NEW)​​​
Higher EducationHealth Professional Education​

Higher Education​

Student Development & Student Services in Postsecondary Education​
History​African History

​American History

Atlantic World History (NEW)

British & Irish History (NEW)
​Canadian History
​Cultural & Intellectual History (NEW)​​

​East Asian History (NEW)

​European History
​Food History (NEW)
History of Conflict, Violence, & Genocide (NEW)
​History of Economy, Technology, & Society (NEW)
​​History of Empire, Colonialism, & Indigeneity (NEW)

​History of Gender, Sex, & Sexualities (NEW)
History of Medicine​

​History of Migration/Diaspora (NEW)
​History of Religion & Society (NEW)

​History of State, Politics, & Law ​(NEW)
International Relations​

​Latin American & Caribbean History (NEW)

Medieval History​

​Mediterranean & Middle Eastern History (NEW)

​Russian History

​Social History (NEW)​​
​South Asian History (NEW)

​Southeast Asian History (NEW)
History & Philosophy of Science & Technology History of Mathematics & Physical Sciences​

History of Medicine & Life Sciences​
​History of Technology

​Philosophy of Science
History of ArtAncient​



Renaissance & Baroque​



Immunology​​Applied Immunology (NEW)
Fundamental Immunology
Industrial Relations & Human Resources​Industrial Relations & Human Resources
Information​Archives & Records Management
​Critical Information Policy Studies

Cultural Heritage​

Culture & Technology​
​Information Systems & Design

​Knowledge Management & Information Management

​Knowledge Media Design

Library & Information Science​

​Philosophy of Information
Italian Studies​17th & 18th Centuries

​19th & 20th Centuries
​Italian Literature

​​Middle Ages & Renaissance


Kine​siology, Professional​Professional Kinesiology (NEW for Sept 2016)


Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology​Bone & Matrix Pathobiology​

​Immunopathology, Lymphatics, & Transplantation

​Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

​Neuropathobiology & Endocrine Disorders

​Vascular & Cardiovascular Pathology
Landscape Architecture​Landscape Architecture​
Language & Literacies Education​Language & Literacies Education
LawBusiness Law​

Criminal Law​

Health Law, Ethics, & Policy

​Legal Theory
Linguistics​Language Variations


​Theoretical Linguistics​



​Management, MBA​Management
​Management​, PhD​Accounting
​Business Economics

​Operations Management
Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources Management​

Strategic Management​
Management & Professional Accounting​​​​​Management & Professional Accounting
Management of Innovation​​Management of Innovation
Materials Science & Engineering​Advanced Materials

​Extractive & Process Metallurgy
​Physical Metallurgy
Mathematical Finance​Mathematical Finance
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering​Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Engineering

​Applied Mechanics & Design

​Biomedical Engineering

​Energy & Environmental Engineering
​Human Factors / Ergonomics

​Information Engineering
​​Operations Research​
​Robotics, Mechatronics, & Instrumentation 
​​​Thermal & Fluid Sciences Engineering
Medical Biophysics​Cellular & Molecular Biology

​Medical Physics

Molecular & Structural Biology​
​​Medical Radiation Scie​ncesMedical Radiation Sciences​
Medical Science​Bioethics

​Biomedical Science
Clinical Science​

​Health Professions Education

​Population Health / Health Services
Radiation Oncology​
Medieval Studies​Auxiliary Sciences

​History & Religion
​Language & Literature
​Music & Art
​Philosophy & Theology
Molecular Genetics​Cellular & Molecular Structure & Function
​Computational & Systems Biology
​Functional Genomics & Proteomics
Genetic Models of Development & Disease​
​Molecular Medicine & Human Genetics
Molecular Microbiology & Infectious Disease​
Museum StudiesMuseum Studies​
​Music & Health
Music Education
Music Theory
Music Performance Collaborative Piano


Historical Performance


Music Technology & Digital Media (NEW)

Piano Pedagogy


​Vocal Pedagogy



Near & Middle Eastern CivilizationsAncien​t Near Eastern Studies​​
Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies
Nursing ScienceClinical Nursing

​Critical Approaches to Health & Health Care

Effective Care & Health Outcomes
Health Systems Leadership & Administration (NEW)
​Nurse Practitioner
Nursing Health Systems​
Nutritional SciencesClinical & Public Health Nutrition
​Molecular & Basic Nutrition



Occupational Therapy​Occupational Therapy​



Pharmace​utical Sciences​​​Clinical, Social, & Administrative Pharmaceutical Sciences

Molecular Pharmacology & Toxicology

Pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
PharmacologyClinical Pharmacology

Drug Mechanisms, Signal Transduction, & Regulation

Drug Metabolism / Toxicology

Philosophy19th & 20th Century Continental Philosophy


Ancient Philosophy

Cognitive Science

Early Modern Philosophy


Feminist Philosophy

History of Analytic Philosophy

Jewish Philosophy

Logic & Philosophy of Language

Medieval Philosophy

Metaphysics & Epistemology

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Science

Social & Political Philosophy
​​Physical Therapy​Physical Therapy​​
PhysicsAtmospheric Physics


Condensed Matter Physics


Quantum Optics

Subatomic Physics & Astrophysics
PhysiologyBrain & Behaviour: the Neurosciences

Cardiovascular, Renal, & Respiratory: the Integrative Sciences

Endocrine Science & Diabetes

Reproduction & Developmental Sciences
PlanningCities in Global Context: Economic Development & Social Planning

Economic Planning & Policy

Environmental & Sustainability Planning

Environmental Planning

Social Planning & Policy

Urban Design

Urban Development, Design, & the Built Environment

Urban Planning & Development
Political ScienceCanadian Politics

Comparative Politics

Developmental Studies

International Relations

Political Economy of International Development

Political Science

Political Theory

Public Policy
PsychologyBiology & Behaviour


Perception, Cognition, & Cognitive Neuroscience

Social / Personality / Abnormal
Psychological Clinical Science​​Clinical Psychology
Public Health SciencesBiostatistics


Family & Community Medicine
​Global Public Health (NEW)

Nutrition and Dietetics

Occupational & Environmental Health

Social & Behavioural Health Sciences
Public PolicyGlobal Public Policy

Social & Economic Policy



Rehabilitation ScienceMovement ​Science​

Occupational Science

Practice Science
Rehabilitation Health Services Studies​
​Rehabilitation Technology Sciences
Social & Cognitive Rehabilitation Sciences​
ReligionBuddhist Studies
​Hinduism & South Asian Religions


​Religion & Medicine
​Religion, Culture, Politics
​Religion, Ethics, & Modern Thought

Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity​


School & Clinical Child PsychologySchool & Clinical Child Psychology​
Slavic Languages & LiteraturesSlavic Linguistics​

Slavic Literatures​
Social Justice EducationSocial Justice Education​
Social Work​Children & Their Families


​Health & Mental Health

Social Justice & Diversity​
​Social Service Administration (Effective Fall 2016: Human Services Management and Leadership)
Social Work Policy Analysis​
Social Work Practice, Theory, & Research​
Sociology​Crime & Socio-Legal Studies
​Gender & Family

​Health / Mental Health

Immigration & Ethnic Relations​
​Networks & Community
​Political Sociology
​Stratification, Work, & Labour Markets
​The Sociology of Culture
Spanish​Hispanic Linguistics
​Hispanic Literatures & Cultures (NEW)
Speech-Language Pathology​Language Development & Disorders Across the Lifespan (NEW)
​Normal & Disordered Speech & Swallowing (NEW)
Statistics​Actuarial Science & Mathematical Finance
​Statistical Theory & Applications
​​Sustainability Management​Management



TeachingElementary ​Education​​

​Secondary Education
Translational Research in the Health Sciences​Trans​lational Research in the Health Sciences (NEW)



Urban Design​Urb​an Design



Visual StudiesCuratorial​​ S​tudies



Women & Gender StudiesWomen & Gender Studies​​​​​