Biomedical Communications


Interdisciplinary, research-based, and unique. The Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) is unique in Canada and is one of four accredited programs of its kind. This two-year professional graduate program prepares students for careers in the visual communication of science, medicine, and health.

Students in this interdisciplinary program explore the use of images, interactive technologies, and animation/simulation to effectively communicate complex science and health topics to a range of audiences. Our graduates are leaders in biocommunications across a number of fields, including pharma and biotech visualization, medical-legal visualization, health communication, research dissemination, textbook publishing, and more.​

There are two fields:

  1. Biomedical Media Design and

  2. Biomedical 3-D Visualization Design.

This program is offered by the Institute of Medical Science, which serves as the primary graduate unit for the clinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine.

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Degree Offered

Master of Science in Biomedical Communications - MScBMC​

​​​​​Quick Facts

​​ ​​​​1. All applicants must meet the School of Graduate Studies English Language Proficiency requirements​.
2. For more information on admission requirements, ple​ase review the program'​s SGS Calendar entry: ​​​

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​​​​Quick Facts

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Quick Facts

Domestic Students International Students
1. Application deadlines MScBMC-22-Dec-2015
2.Required tests in addition to English Language Proficiency. See below or visit MScBMC-n/a
3. Minimum GPA MScBMC-Mid-B
4. Tuition fee -Please visit and refer to Domestic Fees.
-Please visit and refer to International Fees.
5. Direct entry option from bachelor's to PhD MScBMC-n/a
6. Is a supervisor identified before or after admission? MScBMC-n/a
7. If a supervisor is identified after admission (as per question above), is admission conditional upon securing a supervisor? MScBMC-n/a
8. Is a supervisor assigned by the graduate unit or secured by the applicant? MScBMC-n/a
9. Program length (full-time only) MScBMC-6 sessions
MScBMC-6 sessions
​​1. All applicants must meet the School of Graduate Studies English Language Proficiency requirements​. 
2. For more information on admission requirements, please review the program’s SGS Calendar entry: