Financial Insurance


The Department of Statistical Sciences offers a Master of Financial Insurance​​, a full-time professional program focused on producing students who will become leaders in the global financial insurance industry. The program stands on three pillars: statistical methods, financial mathematics, and insurance modelling. It provides students with education at the interface of these domains with suff​​icient depth and breadth so that students can provide both detailed analysis of specific financial insurance risks as well as provide a bird's-eye perspective on how the embedded risks affect the firm enterprise wide.

​This program is particularly appropriate for students with backgrounds in statistics, actuarial science, economics, and mathematics, but students with a quantitative background (such as those in physics and engineering) and sufficient statistical training are also encouraged to apply. The program welcomes applications from international students. For more information, visit the program website​.​

Degrees Offered​

Financial Insurance—MFI​

​​​​​Quick Facts

​​ ​​​​1. All applicants must meet the School of Graduate Studies English Language Proficiency requirements​.
2. For more information on admission requirements, ple​ase review the program'​s SGS Calendar entry: ​​​

​​​​​​​Research Stream Program Funding Information​

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Actual Income -

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