Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey (CGPSS)

Conducted every three years, the Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey (CGPSS) helps the University evaluate our graduate programs, compare our performance with peer institutions, and make strategic decisions about where and how to improve.

CGPSS was administered from February – March, 2022. The data will be published soon.

What is CGPSS?

As Canada’s largest university, the University of Toronto educates more students and makes more significant discoveries in virtually every field than any other university in Canada. To continue the high calibre of innovative work and research, we take part in the Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey (CGPSS).

This survey provides performance measurements on student satisfaction with their graduate programs and experience. It helps us identify our strengths and ensure that our graduate programs continue to improve, inspire, and set the course for high standards of academic excellence.

Previous CGPSS Results

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2022 Survey Administration — Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate students asked for a way to provide anonymous feedback about their experiences; CGPSS is an avenue to do this.

We have taken extra steps to ensure that your responses remain confidential.

The University of Toronto is committed to the protection of privacy.

Degree-seeking students registered in Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 with a valid U of T email address are eligible to participate in the CGPSS 2022 survey. Students in certain professional programs (Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA) and diploma programs are excluded.

CGPSS is one of two comprehensive surveys of graduate education at the University of Toronto. Whereas gradSERU is a comprehensive, longitudinal study of leading research universities across the globe, CGPSS gives us a chance to compare our performance with peer institutions across Canada. Learn more about how we measure our performance.

Yes. If you exit the survey before you’ve completed it, when you log back in to take the survey you’ll be directed to the place where you left off.

The survey works best if you take it using a desktop or laptop computer.

Results are reported to academic departments and administration at the University of Toronto and are used to improve our graduate programs and services. We also share our data with other universities in the to improve our understanding of educational best practices at Canadian universities. The collected data is used by researchers, professors and students to gain a better understanding on how to improve the graduate and professional student experience.

CGPSS takes about 20-25 minutes to complete.

Yes, we will publish an announcement to graduate students when the aggregated data is available and will post the report online. Please see the previous CGPSS results below.

Since 2007, the CGPSS has been administered nationally. More than 50 universities across Canada participated in the last CGPSS in 2019.

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