Graduation & Convocation

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Graduation is the culmination and affirmation of all your hard work in graduate studies. To ensure the final stages proceed as smoothly as possible, please ​keep the following in mind:


In order to meet degree requirements, your thesis must be submitted to the digital libr​​ary repository​. Graduate units must also submit degree recommendations to SGS on behalf of their master’s students by these dates.

November 2018 Graduation 

To graduate in November, all degree requirements must be met by September 28, 2018.

March 2019 graduation in absentia

Students who complete all degree requirements by January 18, 2019 may graduate either in March in absentia or June.

June 2019 Graduation

To graduate in June, all degree requirements must be met by April 18​, 2019​​.​

November 2019 Graduation

To graduate in November, all degree requirements must be met by September 27​, 2019​​.​


Students must graduate at the ceremony immediately following completion of their degree requirements. Delay of graduation is not permitted. You must graduate once all degree requirements have been completed.

Information on time, location, and tickets for convocation ceremonies are normally emailed to the student’s UTOR email account approximately three weeks prior to convocation. Please ensure your address is correct on the Student Web Services (SWS). You are encouraged to check this website regularly as information concerning dates and deadlines may change. Further details can be obtained at the Office of Convocation.

Name Changes

Your name as it appears in the SWS is the name that will appear on your diploma. Your name on the title page and abstract of your thesis must also be exactly the same as the name that appears in the SWS. To change your name/gender, please complete this Change of Name or Gender Request Form.

Questions? Please contact SGS Student Academic Services at

TCard Replacement

If your name requires accents, please download and complete the appropriate convocation Name on Diploma form by the appropriate deadline set by the Office of Convocation. Please note that this form is only for accents.

If the necessary change(s) are not made by the deadline for name changes set by the Office of Convocation, there is an $80.00 fee to have a new diploma printed. Please note the deadlines are quite early; typically mid-September for November Convocation and early February for March (in absentia) and June Convocation.

Confirmation of Degree Letters

SGS prepares letters for both master’s and doctoral students requesting confirmation that all degree requirements have been met.  To request such a letter, complete the confirmation of degree form. Master’s students can send the form by email to; doctoral students can email The Doctoral Examinations Office will produce one letter free of charge for doctoral students.

There is no charge for letters. Please allow five days (or more during peak periods).

Outstanding Fees

Students who have outstanding fees will be permitted to attend convocation. However, such students will not receive their diploma, and a financial hold will be placed on the student’s financial account and transcripts and confirmation of degree letters will not be released until fees have been paid. Students with outstanding fees who are attending the ceremony will receive an empty envelope, which will be identical to the other envelopes containing diplomas. Please note that owing a balance of degree fee is the exception to the diploma hold rule.

Fees for doctoral students in their final year are based on the date the final thesis is submitted to SGS. Fees are adjusted by the end of the month. Refer to Graduate F​​ees for complete details.

Beyond Graduation

You have access to many benefits and services, such as career advice, the Graduate Dossier Servicecontinuing education (free course for new grads, more information at Alumni Circle), and many more alumni benefits and privileges. Remember to read the graduation edition of 
gradschool e-news!​