SGS Indigenous Graduate Travel Award

Award Overview


The purpose of the SGS Indigenous Graduate Travel Award is to provide financial assistance to University of Toronto Indigenous graduate students to participate in educational and experiential learning in Canada or abroad in activities specifically focused on Indigenous student or education issues. Possible activities include Indigenous-focused events, workshops, meetings, field trips, competitions, and other educational-related activities off campus approved by the Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement group (SAGE) or the Centre for Indigenous Studies at the University of Toronto.

Up to 10 awards of $1,000 each will be awarded annually, and applications will be considered during the winter session. Amounts are based on the recommendation of the SAGE Award committee, in conjunction with the Centre for Indigenous Studies.


Applicants must be:

  • Indigenous to North America (e.g. First nations (Status/Non-Status), Métis, or Inuit);
  • Registered full-time in a graduate degree program (master’s or doctoral) when:
    1. Submitting the application;
    2. Participating in the Activity/Conference; and
    3. Requesting payment of award.
  • Planning to attend activities specifically focused on Indigenous student or education issues;
  • Be participating in activities that occur ​within the appropriate cycle’s timeframe (as per chart above)
  • Compliant with all departmental and U of T Safety Abroad procedures prior to travel, if travelling outside of Canada.

Application Process

The Application Form​​ contains the following sections, which must be completed:

  • Student Information;
  • Activity Information;
  • Statement of Justification/Eligibility;
  • Budget & Summary of Expenses;
  • Travel Award holders’ Responsibilities;
  • Release Form/Collection of Use of Image; and
  • Letter of Support from a member of the university community (including Academic Elder, Staff and Faculty Members)

Completed applications must be submitted via email to by the deadline specified above.


All applicants will receive an email notifying them of the result of their application via their U of T email address in late March. Successful applicants will receive information regarding the offer amount, the terms and conditions of the award, and information regarding payment activation and collection deadlines.

Additional Info

Safety Abroad

All U of T students participating in educational activities outside of Canada (including USA) must complete the following steps before the travel occurs (regardless of receiving SGS Indigenous Graduate Travel Award support):

  • Complete the online registration request form.  This should occur at least one month before departure. The Safety Abroad Office will register the student and send a confirmation email.
  • Sign on to the Safety Abroad Database and complete a profile, including emergency contact, passport and travel health insurance information.
  • Attend the appropriate Safety Abroad Workshop (valid for 1.5 years).
  • Sign and submit waivers to the Safety Abroad Office.
  • Submit a Safety Planning Record (if applicable).
  • Obtain supplementary health insurance (if not already covered).

For travel to a region designated by the Global Affairs Canada as “Avoid Non-Essential Travel” or “Avoid All Travel,” students must contact the Safety Abroad Office at as soon as possible to request special approval for the trip.

Please contact the Safety Abroad Office at for further information.

Travel conducted outside of Canada without completing all Safety Abroad requirements will cause automatic forfeiture of the SGS Indigenous Travel Award.

Payment Activation

Successful applicants must submit the following required documents as a single PDF file via email to to receive payment of the award:

  1. Receipts for all travel expenses up to the award offer amount (e.g. airfare, train, accommodations, meals, registration fee); and
  2. Student’s Travel Reflection/ Testimonial.


Contacts & Resources

Olivera Joksimovic
Graduate Awards Officer
Graduate Awards Office, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
63 St. George St. Rm 201, Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-946-0808