SGS Parental Grant

Award Overview


The SGS Parental Grant program aims to provide financial support to doctoral students within the funded cohort by helping to offset the loss of funding as a result of taking an approved parental leave of absence at the time of birth or adoption in order to provide full-time care during the child’s first year or the first year the child comes into care (see SGS Leave of Absence Policy). Parental Grants of up to $4,000 will be provided to eligible student parents during the approved leave of one session or more. Birth mothers may be eligible for a second instalment of up to $4000 to support parental leaves of two sessions (8 months) or more in duration. The total amount of the Grant will be calculated based on other non-employment related supplemental university funding the student may have available.


In order to be eligible to receive a Parental Grant, a student must be:

  • Registered full-time in a research-stream doctoral program and have been granted an approved parental leave for at least one academic session (or 4 months). Birth mothers requesting a second instalment must be granted at least 8 months of parental leave;
  • Eligible to receive their regular base funding package prior to and upon return from parental leave;
  • The primary caregiver for the duration of the parental leave; and
  • Receiving less than $4,000 in pregnancy/parental leave benefits from external sources for the same child within the 12 month period after birth or adoption.

Please note:

  • Students receiving Tri-Agency scholarships or research grant stipends are eligible for Tri-Agency Paid Parental Leave supplements and will receive benefits that normally exceed the value of the Grant; such students are ineligible;
  • Benefits from employment income through the University may be received in addition to the SGS Parental Grant, and would not impact the student’s eligibility to receive the full Grant value;
  • Grant recipients who return to their program prior to the approved leave of absence end date, may be required to return a portion of the Grant for the incomplete session;
  • Multiple births upon the same occasion (e.g., twins) do not increase the duration or the value of the Grant;
  • Students may apply for a Parental Grant for every occasion of birth and/or adoption that occurs during the course of their program provide they continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

Application Process

While students are asked to initiate the application process, graduate units are expected to complete the Parental Grant application including details about the student’s funding and submit the necessary supporting documentation to SGS.

Download Application

Please note:

  • Students apply for a parental leave of absence through their graduate unit by submitting a Leave of Absence Form;
  • Upon approval of the leave, students can initiate a request for a Parental Grant by accessing the SGS Parental Grant Application and completing the student section;
  • Once initiated by the student the application is forwarded to the Graduate Unit complete and submit it to SGS;
  • Students will receive an email notification via their U of T email address regarding the application status, expected payment date and/or a request for additional information (e.g. supporting documentation);
  • Proof of pregnancy, birth or adoption will be required to activate payment of the Grant;The following documents are accepted as proof of pregnancy/birth/adoption:
    1. Doctor’ s certificate or certificate from a midwife stating that the student (or co-parent) is pregnant and the expected date of delivery;
    2. Long form birth certificate; or
    3. Confirmation of adoption letter issued by the Adoption Agency.

Additional Info


Grant funds will be disbursed in one instalment (two for eligible birth mothers) and payable to students in the first session the approved parental leave. Birth mothers receiving a second instalment will do so at the start of the second session (or fifth month) of leave. Grant applications submitted after the parental leave has commenced will be processed within 7-10 business days of SGS receiving the completed application. In all cases, payment is conditional upon the proper submission of proof of pregnancy, birth or adoption as noted in the application process.

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