Hungary | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
4/5 or Good
B Plus GPA
4.5/5 or Outstanding
Instruction Languages
Bachelors Equiv.
Egyetemi Oklevel (requiring at least four years of study) or Professional title (requiring at least four-and-a half years of study)
Masters Equiv.
Egyetemi Doktor
Grad Sample
Egyelem Doktor, Todamany Kandidatus Oklevel (Candidate of Sciences)
First Degree Sample
Egyelem Oklevel (Diploma) or Professional title
Grading System

4.5 – 5 Summa Cum Laude Outstanding
3.50 – 4.5 Cum Laude Good
2.6 – 3.49 Rite (Pass) Fair
2.0 – 2.5

Recognized Universities

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical University
Budapest Univ. of Economics (formerly Karl Marx Univ. of
Economic Sciences) (Budapesti Kozgazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem)
Debrecen Agricultural Univ. (Agrartudomany Egyetem)
Eotvos Lorand Univ. (Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem)
Godollo Univ. of Agriculture (Godollo Agrartudomanyi Egyetem)
Janus Pannonius Univ. of Pecs
Jozef Attila Univ. (Jozsef Attila Tudomanyegyetem)
Lajos Kossuth Univ. Debrecen (Kossuth Lajos Tudomanyegyetem)
Medical University of Debrecen
Medical University of Pecs
Medical University of Szeged
Pannon Univ. of Agriculture, Keszthely (Pannon Agrartudomanyi Egyetem)
Semmelweis Medical University
Technical Univ. of Budapest (Budapesti Muszaki Egyetem)
Univ. of Horticulture and Food Sciences (Kerteszeti es Elelmiszeripari Egyetem)
Univ. of Miskolc (Miskolci Egyetem)
University of Sopron
University of Veszprem
Univ. of Veterinary Science, Budapest (Allatorvostudomanyi Egyetem)

Notes for Hungary

Pre-university education requires 12 or 13 years of study.

Foiskola Oklevel is a professionally oriented college-level degree. It can be offered by universities, but it is not acceptable for graduate admission.

A Red Diploma indicates highest honours (Kinuteteses OK level) and is awarded to those whose grades on the State Examination are all 5`s, whose thesis and comprehensive examinations receive all 5`s, and whose average of all other grades is at least 3.51.

Blue Diplomas are awarded to students in law and medicine who pass all examinations with the maximum mark of 5.

Applicants who have completed a first degree program of five or more years in length which includes a thesis may be considered for admission to a doctoral program.

*Some institutions are planning to offer new Bachelor`s and/or Master`s degrees. Please consult with your Student Services Officer on how to assess these new degrees.

*Previously known as Karl Marx Univ. of Economic Sciences

Last modified: June 13, 2019