Lithuania | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
Good (gerai), 8/10
B Plus GPA
Good (gerai), 8.5/10
Instruction Languages
Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, French
Bachelors Equiv.
Bakalauras; Specialist Diploma
Masters Equiv.
Magistras*; Specialist Diploma**
Grading System

10 Excellent (puikiai)
9 Very Good (labai gerai)
8 Good (gerai)
7 Sufficient (pakankamai)
6 Satisfactory (patenkinamai)
5 Weak (silpnai) (Pass/Fail level)
4-1 Bad
Pass/Fail may be used in some courses.

Recognized Universities

Kaunas Medical Academy
Kaunas University of Technology
Kaunas University Vytautas Magnus
Klaipeda University
Law Academy of Lithuania
Lithuanian Academy of Music
Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education
Lithuanian University of Agriculture
Lithuanian Veterinary Academy
Siauliai University
Vilnius Academy of Arts
Vilnius Gediminas Technological Unviersity
Vilnius Pedagogical University
Vilnius University

Notes for Lithuania

Pre-university education requires 12 years of study. The Maturity Certificate provides access to higher education institutions.

* In some institutions Integrated Studies are offered. Integrated Studies combine the first stage (Bakalauras stage) and the second stage (Magistras stage) into one 5 or 6 year program. Students who graduate from these programs are awarded the Magistras degree. Departments may consider applicants with degrees from Integrated Studies programs for either admission to U of T Master`s or Doctoral degrees.

**A Specialist Diploma requiring 5 years of study may be considered as equivalent to the Magistras and considered for doctoral admission.

Bologna Note:

Lithuania joined Bologna process in 1999.

Since 2009 most universities (i.e. Vilnius University) started to offer three cycle degree system:

First cycle (Bakalauras) – 4-5 years
Second cycle (Magistras) – 1-3 years
Third cycle (Daktaras) – 3-4 years

Diploma Supplements have been issued by institutions since 2006.

ECTS grading system is being used in addition to the local grades.

Specialist Diploma is no longer offered.

Last modified: June 13, 2019