Tajikistan | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
B Plus GPA
Instruction Languages
Tajik, Russian
Bachelors Equiv.
Bakalavr (Bachelor`s Degree; requiring at least 4 years of study), Diploma of Specialist
Masters Equiv.
Magistre (Master); *Specialist Diploma
Grading System

5-Point scale:
5 Excellent
4 Good
3 Satisfactory (Pass)
2 Unsatifactory

Recognized Universities

“K. Juraev” Dusanbe State Pedagogical University
Tajik State National University
Technological Universtiy of Tajikistan (TUT)

Notes for Tajikistan

*A Specialist Diploma (pre 1992) requiring 5 years of study may be considered as equivalent to the Magistre and considered for doctoral admission.

Students who gain entrance to a university may complete a “bachelor`s” degree after four years or a “specialist`s” degree after five or six years.  A “master`s” degree is awarded after two additional years following the “bachelor`s” degree or one additional year after the “specialist`s” degree.

Last modified: June 13, 2019