Vietnam | International Credentials Equivalencies

Minimum GPA
B Plus GPA
Instruction Languages
French, Vietnamese
Bachelors Equiv.
Bachelor`s Degree (Bằng Tốt Nghiệp Đại Học / Bằng cử nhân) requiring at least 4 years of study from a recognized degree granting institution.
Masters Equiv.
Master`s Degree (Bằng Thạc sĩ) from a recognized degree granting institution.
Grad Sample
Bang Thac si (Ths) – master’s from an institution listed below Bang Pho Tien si (PTs) master’s – from an institution listed below
First Degree Sample
Bang Cu nhan (Bachelor's Degree) (See Notes below). Bang Tot nghiep Dai hoc (See Notes Below). Bang Tot nghiep Dai hoc (See Notes Below)
Grading System

1-10 | Before 1993 | After 1993

9-10 Excellent | Uu | Gioi
7-8 Good | Binh | Kha
5-6 Fairly Good | Binh Thu | Trung Binh
0-4 Failing | Khong | Kern

Pass | Dat | Dat

Recognized Universities

Hanoi University of Medicine (Health Sciences)
Hanoi University of Pharmacy,
Hanoi [National] University of Technology (formerly Hanoi Polytechnic),
Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine & Pharmacy,
Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU Hanoi),
[Hanoi National University, Hanoi University were amalgamated into VNU Hanoi],Vietnam National University at Ho Chi Minh City (VNU HCM City)[Ho Chi Minh city National University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology [Poly]Technical University, Ho Chi Minh City Teacher Training, Ho Chi Minh City University of Argiculture and Forestry, Ho chi Minh City University of Architecture, Ho Chi Minh City Economics University, Ho Chi Minh City Teacher Training College, were amalgamated into VNU HCM City],
Can Tho University,
[Hanoi] University of Agriculture No. 1,
Hanoi University of Architecture,
[Hanoi] National University of Economics,
Hanoi College of Fine Arts,
Hanoi University of Foreign Languages,
Hanoi Convervatorium of Music,
Ho Chi Minh City College of Fine Arts,
Ho Chi Minh City Conservatorium of Music,
Hue University (HU)
[University of Hue, Hue Teacher Training College aka University of Education, Hue College of Medicine were amalgamated into HU]

Notes for Vietnam

Bachelor`s Degree (Bang Cu Nhan / Bang Tot Nghiep Dai Hoc) requiring four or more years of regular full-time study from a recognized degree granting institution.

All institutions offering postgraduate awards must obtain a licence from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). Applicants from recognized Universities other than those listed above should be assessed on an individual basis and with caution. For more information please contact SGS Student Services.

Bachelor Degree (Bang Tot Nghiep Dai Hoc)

The majority of Bachelor degrees are four years in length and largely classroom based. Veterinary medicine and engineering degrees last five years and medicine six years. Political material does form a small compulsory component of the course, but this is not included as part of the academic credit. The credit score accumulated at this level is 210, with a ten credit thesis component for four year degrees. Five year courses require 270 credits, six year courses 310 credits.

Before 1998, a foundation Dai Hoc Dai Coung was taken, and had to be passed before progressing to the final two years.

Master`s Degree (Bang Thac si)

Admission to the Master`s degree is subject to a competitive entrance exam. This is set by the admitting institution, and open to all those with strong marks from their first degree. The content of the exam varies according to the subject of study. The content of a Master`s degree may either be taught or research based. One- and two-year courses are available and require a minimum of 30-55 credits depending on the course duration.

Doctorate (Bang Tien si)

Admission to the Doctorate is subject to a competitive entrance exam, and either a Bachelor or Master`s degree. A very high grade is required for those entering from undergraduate study. The duration also differs:

Post Bachelor, a minimum of four to five years of study is required.
Post Master`s, a minimum of two to three years of study is required. The vast majority require three years, unless the entrant is a natural sciences student with extensive publications.
The maximum time allowed to complete a Doctorate program is seven years. The content is primarily research based. The term Associate Doctorate is used to refer to those who have completed a Kandidat Nauk in Russia or the former USSR.

All postgraduate degree diplomas are presented in both Vietnamese and English.

Last modified: June 13, 2019