Aida Habib

Aida Habib

Master's, Biotechnology

“I’m finally on the path to making my dream a reality.”

I was born in Syria where I did my undergraduate studies and got a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. I have always wanted to get a Master’s degree in Biotechnology. However, as the war escalated in Syria, it became evident that I had to leave home in a search for a better life. Now that I have been in Canada for almost two years, and a part of the U of T family for 6 months, I’m finally on the path to making that dream a reality. I am currently getting a Master’s degree in Biotechnology as part of the Institute of Management and Innovation (IMI) at the University of Toronto Mississauga. This program represents the perfect cross between science and business, where people with a scientific background can gain insight into the world of business and become future leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. 

As a new graduate student, there are many resources available to facilitate a successful and joyful learning experience. There are many classes and seminars offered, as well as fun and entertaining events. I enjoy the nature walks organized by the Recreation, Athletic and Wellness Centre (RAWC), where students from all faculties get together with an instructor and take long picturesque walks around the beautiful woods surrounding the Mississauga campus. 

The University of Toronto is the number one university in Canada and amongst the top 30 in the world, and now that I’m a student here I get to see first-hand why that is. I believe that when given the opportunity, one should always seek the very best, and that is why I chose U of T. I have found the library to be the most useful resource on campus. What sets it apart from other libraries is the wide variety of classes that it offers, especially to graduate students. I have already taken classes in how to conduct patent searches and tutorials on how to use programs like Tableau, an interactive data visualization software. It’s also my favorite place to study. The beautiful scenery surrounding the building helps me focus and keeps me relaxed while reading or working on an assignment. 

My personal experience in the University of Toronto has been very exciting so far. The beautiful thing about grad school is the freedom and responsibility you gain after finishing undergrad, where you are treated more like a colleague by your professors and sometimes even like a friend. You get to learn valuable and relevant skills, while also enjoying life in one of the most exciting cities in North America.  I would strongly urge all hard-working people with a passion for higher education to pursue a graduate degree here.