Brandon Weigel

Brandon Weigel

Brandon Weigel

​​Alumnus (2011), Master of Information

“Despite the size of the University, I’ve come to know several of my professors very well.”

One of the major reasons I chose U of T was its location. I spent a few years outside the province and the country and wanted to be nearer to friends and family. Toronto is a great city to live in.

Despite the size of the University, I’ve come to know several of my professors very well. They are very passionate about their work they’re doing. Most importantly, their work is having an impact outside the confines of academia. Fellow students come from different backgrounds and provide a wide assortment of viewpoints and expertise.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to be involved in things which were actually having an impact on communities, organizations, and even my profession as a whole. I doubt there would be the chance to work on such major projects anywhere else. The iSchool’s faculty, connections, as well as fellow students are amazing resources.

The [Master of Information] program provides the critical skills and required degree to enter the information field. The practicum course and the faculty job site both landed me projects that are giving me enormous practical experience as an information professional, connections in the field, and the chance to figure out how to apply coursework in real life.

My advice to new students is to live as close to downtown as you can. Get a bike. Don’t just do the minimum to get your degree. Take opportunities when they arise. If something seems like it will be too hard, or outside your comfort zone…do it. The rewards will come!