Diana Clark

Diana Clark

Diana Clark

Former Graduate Assistant, Pharmacology & Toxicology

“I believe that our programs prepare students for the real world.”

Graduate students on the whole are motivated, enthusiastic, and a delight to interact with.

Three years ago, we began emailing an Annual Newsletter to our graduates and often they write back and fill us in on what’s going on in their lives. Some of them have come back to visit and speak at Career Days to let current students know what’s out there and how they can maximize their education in pharmacology.

As long as you’re a graduate administrator, you will be involved in External Reviews! Over the years, I have participated in two. In addition to maintaining records of first employment, one of the things we did for each review was contact recent graduates and request feedback on their experience in our graduate programs.

For the most part, students reported positively about their graduate experiences; and some offered useful critiques. Better still, the majority were employed. Some go on to professional school and then enter the work force. I believe that our programs prepare students for the real world in which they can make a useful and successful contribution.

When I began working at U of T in 1989, I planned to stay for a year or two and then move on. Here I am many years later! I have met some amazing people throughout the years—dedicated and committed people. Working at U of T has been truly rewarding; having positive support from our faculty members and our department’s leadership has been a bonus!