Dr. Jane Freeman

Jane Freeman

Dr. Jane Freeman

Director, GCAC

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Jane is the founding Director of the School of Graduate Studies’ the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC), formerly the Office of English Language and Writing Support. She established ’s modular curricula of non-credit courses, work​shops, and a writing centre, and designed several of the courses a​​nd workshops currently offered by GCAC. She describes the development of GCAC in a chapter in supporting Graduate Student Writers: Research, Curriculum & Program Design (2016).

Jane completed a BA and a BEd at Queen’s University, an MA at the University of Warwick, and a PhD at the University of Toronto. Her areas of expertise are Shakespeare, classical rhetoric, and oral and written communication. She is a member of Massey College’s Corporation, the Stratford Festival’s Senate, and the Consortium of Graduate Communication’s Board. She recently completed a book in collaboration with Prof. Ursula Franklin, entitled Ursula Franklin Speaks: Thoughts and Afterthoughts, 1986–2012. She is currently writing a book on writing effective research proposals.