Fabio Sa Carneiro Sczepanik

Fabio Sa Carneiro Sczepanik

Fabio Sa Carneiro Sczepanik

Alumnus, PhD, Dentistry

Former International Visiting Graduate Student from Brazil

“U of T really reflects the multicultural nature of the city of Toronto.”

I’m a Brazilian dentist who works specifically in the field of Prosthodontics. I finished my master’s in the year of 2013 and started my PhD in the same year at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

In October 2017, the government of Brazil awarded me a scholarship to conduct research for a period of seven months here at the Faculty of Dentistry at U of T.

I am evaluating the behaviour of the human immune system when challenged by oral bacteria. More specifically, we are focusing on clinical and innate immune system biomarkers in patients with periodontitis (gum disease that leads to pain, swelling, tooth loss) and periimplantitis.

We believe that, based on our research, we’ll be able to correlate periodontal diseases with systemic diseases on the cellular level.

What initially attracted me to the University of Toronto was that my home supervisor in Brazil is a U of T alumnus. I am grateful that he established a great relationship with my U of T supervisors, who made this opportunity possible. Moreover, the University of Toronto is a globally renowned and prestigious university.

U of T is known for its commitment to high standards of research and its development of new techniques and discoveries in the field of Dentistry.

My studies and experience have been remarkable because U of T staff, faculty members, and colleagues have been great from the moment I arrived! Everyone has been willing to help and make this experience a success for me. My colleagues are fantastic and the research environment in the laboratory and libraries is absolutely great.

The greatest benefit of doing an International Visiting Graduate Student program at U of T is the opportunity to interact with a huge diversity of cultures and people from many different countries. U of T really reflects the multicultural nature of the city of Toronto.

After I graduate, my plans are to lecture! I really want to become a professor, and hopefully this experience in such an important research pole will help me in achieving my academic goals.

Don’t think twice about applying to U of T. It’s a huge pleasure to study right in the middle of the city in intimate contact with all the best things Toronto has to offer!