Jennifer Rudder

Jennifer Rudder

Jennifer Rudder

Alumna (2010), Master of Visual Studies

“I always felt the desire to study art at the graduate level.”

I’ve recently completed my Master of Visual Studies degree in Curatorial Studies at U of T, where I was one of three students in the program. I chose U of T because I wanted to study with Professor Barbara Fischer who directs the Curatorial Studies Program. Professor Fisher is one of Canada’s most accomplished curators and as soon as the program was announced, I applied immediately!

I’m 58 years old and have worked in the visual arts in Canada for 27 years. My undergraduate degree was in literature, English, and Italian, and I fell into working in the arts with no formal training. I learned much working with Canadian contemporary artists, yet I always felt the desire to study art at the graduate level.

The program at the University of Toronto is unique in that it provides graduates with an opportunity to develop an exhibition over two years and to present it at one of the four galleries operated by the university.

Studying with Professor Fischer and other faculty in the Art History department was exhilarating. One can read the material by oneself, but there is nothing that compares to sitting around a seminar table with a brilliant professor and 15 other curious and bright students. I made many wonderful friends of all ages at U of T.

Studying at the University of Toronto late in life was one of the best things I ever did. It gave me the time and space to read, research, learn, and experience. It was a reprieve from the daily responsibilities of the Canadian curator, and I now feel recharged and ready to jump back into the work force!

The Master of Visual Studies program offering was transferred from the Department of Art History to the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.