Louis Century

Louis Century

Louis Century

Alumnus (2013), Combined Juris Doctor/Master of Global Affairs

“The combined JD/MGA program offers the best of both worlds.”


I have been at U of T since 2009, when I began my combined Juris Doctor and Master of Global Affairs program. Like many, I was conflicted between law school and graduate research. Should I begin my career as a legal professional or further my academic interests in international relations?

The combined JD/MGA program offers the best of both worlds: superb legal training to complement graduate studies in the central questions of global institutions, civil society, and markets. I love being able to balance my law courses with graduate seminars in global affairs.

The breadth and quality of faculty, the calibre of students, and the professional opportunities provided by the U of T name have all exceeded my expectations.

My work this summer at the International Criminal Court in the Hague was supported and funded by both the Faculty of Law International Human Rights Program and the Munk School of Global Affairs. Both programs also include fantastic extracurricular possibilities. Based in part on these experiences, I was recently selected for a clerkship position with the Supreme Court of Canada.

I urge prospective U of T students to consider the full package when choosing their graduate program: calibre of professors and students, international name recognition, extracurricular opportunities, livability, and surrounding urban environment. I believe that U of T offers an unmatched combination of these factors.