Ronnie Su

Ronnie Su

Ronnie Su

Alumnus, MEng (2013), Materials Science & Engineering

“I was attracted by the beautiful campus and marvellous history.”

I am originally from China and doing a Master of Engineering degree in Materials Science and Engineering.

U of T was my first choice to continue my studies in material science. I was attracted by the beautiful campus and marvellous history, as well as the rich research and teaching resources here. U of T’s top engineering programs and great reputation will no doubt offer me a high starting point for my future career.

As an international student who has been here for less than a year, I got involved in my studies at U of T very quickly. I work hard on seven master’s-level courses and a MEng project, expecting to finish my program in August. As a result, I received great grades for all the courses I have taken. At the same time, I have finished my project with good results and a high-quality report.

I plan to start my career right after I graduate. I am a person who prefers transferring what I am thinking into something real in practice. That is why I chose materials engineering as my program. I can’t wait to dedicate myself into a real business as an engineer.

If I were to offer encouraging words to students considering similar studies, I would say to remember that difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour does the body. I have faced many difficulties and used to be shy and afraid of defeat. I can now talk to people and try new things.