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The Master of Global Affairs (MGA) is a two-year professional program, consisting of four sessions of coursework and a compulsory summer internship. The purpose of this program is to provide an outstanding professional, multidisciplinary education to train the next generation of global leaders of international institutions, global civil society, and business. The MGA will equip students with a sophisticated understanding of the larger political, economic, and social contexts of global affairs and with the skills necessary to work strategically and effectively within the evolving global system. 

The MGA integrates the study of global institutions, global civil society, and the global economy and markets into the same program, and requires that students learn about each area and about the interconnections between them.

In offering a curriculum that provides both breadth and depth, the MGA draws on the scholarly strength of faculty from a range of disciplines and subject areas. Students lacking backgrounds in basic economics will be required to take courses in micro- and macroeconomics for policy analysis.

Students may also be interested in combined degree programs:

Degrees Offered

Global Affairs—MGA, JD/MGA, MBA/MGA

​​​​​Quick Facts

​​ ​​​​1. All applicants must meet the School of Graduate Studies English Language Proficiency requirements​.
2. For more information on admission requirements, ple​ase review the program'​s SGS Calendar entry: ​​​

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​​​​Quick Facts

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Quick Facts

Domestic Students International Students
1. Application deadlines MGA-25-Jan-2016
2.Required tests in addition to English Language Proficiency. See below or visit MGA-n/a
3. Minimum GPA MGA-3.3 B+
MGA-3.3 B+
4. Tuition fee -Please visit and refer to Domestic Fees.
-Please visit and refer to International Fees.
5. Direct entry option from bachelor's to PhD MGA-n/a
6. Is a supervisor identified before or after admission? MGA-n/a
7. If a supervisor is identified after admission (as per question above), is admission conditional upon securing a supervisor? MGA-n/a
8. Is a supervisor assigned by the graduate unit or secured by the applicant? MGA-n/a
9. Program length (full-time only) MGA-5 sessions
MGA-5 sessions
​​1. All applicants must meet the School of Graduate Studies English Language Proficiency requirements​. 
2. For more information on admission requirements, please review the program’s SGS Calendar entry: