New Graduate Education Innovation Fund (GEIF) invites applications from faculty

The School of Graduate Studies is delighted to announce a new initiative that aims to advance excellence in graduate education by fostering innovative educational practices within and across programs and curricula, (including both the classroom and field settings), and in the student-faculty member mentorship relationship. The new Graduate Education Innovation Fund (GEIF) will support innovation in curriculum, teaching, and mentorship through ten seed grants of $5000 available on an annual basis. This is a three-year pilot project beginning in Fall 2021.


University of Toronto faculty members with continuing appointments are eligible to apply. Typically, applicants will hold Graduate Faculty Membership with SGS. Collaborators can include librarians, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows etc., as appropriate to the project. 

We invite faculty members to submit proposals that fall into one or more of the following themes:

  • Professional Development: Create, strengthen and assess professional development opportunities for graduate students. 
  • Experiential Learning: Support and enhance the transfer of learning through active learning opportunities, within and beyond traditional educational settings and methods.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Encourage collaborations among instructors across academic disciplines, units and divisions with the purpose of creating exceptional interdisciplinary learning experiences for graduate students.
  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Renewal of graduate education with specific attention to representation of Indigenous ways of knowing.
  • Diverse Cultural Perspectives: Renewal of graduate education with specific attention to representation of racialized perspectives, other minoritized voices, as well as intercultural experiences and civic engagement.
  • Decolonization, Anti-oppression, and Anti-racism: Enhancing educational practices, such as teaching, mentoring, and curriculum renewal, to build a more just and equitable learning environment.
  • Global Perspectives: Strengthen opportunities to learn abroad, international work, and bringing global and international experiences into our local environment. 
  • Effective Mentorship: Strengthen practices that lead to effective mentorship relationships and develop methods to assess effective mentorship.  
  • Public Scholarship: Leverage the University‚Äôs geographic location within the greater Toronto region to provide students with new opportunities to engage in public scholarship with local partners.

Applications are due on October 18th, 2021 and April 1, 2022. Visit the Graduate Education Innovation Fund page for application forms and requirements.

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