Annual Course Schedule

The Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) ​offers a wide range of free non-credit courses throughout the academic year. Most of our courses have ten to twelve hours of class contact time (two hours a week for five to six weeks), plus office hours and/or tutorials. GCAC offers five course sessions during the academic year, and each has its own registration date. In addition to classroom instruction, students receive individualized feedback on their written or oral work.​

Some of our courses are discipline-specific, while others target the different needs of native and non-native speakers of English. Our short courses build upon one another; this modular design enables students to create a program of study that will address their individual needs.

All students enrolled in a graduate degree program at U of T are eligible to register. Since demand exceeds supply, we request that students take any given course only once a year, with the exception of the proposal writing courses which may be taken in both the Spring and the Fall.​​​

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Current Term’s Courses        
Registration & Attendance Policies

​​​​​2024-2​025 S​​chedule​

May/June 2024 – Registration opened at 10am on Tuesday April 23

​Full course titles can be found immediately below the chart. Some courses are division specific, as indicated in the course title and/or description.  The ​divisional breakdown is as follows: Division 1 – Humanities, Division 2 – Social Sciences, Division 3 – Physical Sciences, and Division 4 – Life Sciences.

May/JuneAugustSeptembe​rOctober/November January February/March

​​​​​Course Titles​​​

Click on the course title for the course description

​​​ACS – Academic Conversation Skills (for non-native speakers of English)
AG – Advanced Grammar for Multilingual Graduate Writers
CIHR – Writing CIHR Proposals
GW1 – Graduate Writing 1: Establishing Your Foundation
GW2 – Graduate Writing 2: Deepening Your Expertise
ISJ – Introduction to Science Journalism
NPP – Navigating the Publishing Process
​​OPS Modular – Oral Presentation Skills Modular Course
​​OPS – Oral Presentation Skills (for native and non-native speakers of English)
PRE – Prewriting Strategies for Developing and Organizing Your Ideas (All Divisions​)
PRE 1/2 – Prewriting Strategies for Developing and Organizing Your Ideas (Divisions 1 and 2​)
PRE 3/4 – Prewriting Strategies for Developing and Organizing Your Ideas (Divisions 3 and 4)
TH 1/2 – Thesis Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Divisions 1 and 2)
​TH 3/4 – Thesis Writing in the Physical and Life Sciences (Divisions 3 and 4)
RA 3/4 – Understanding the Research Article: Reading towards Writing (Divisions 3 and 4)
NSERC – Writing NSERC Proposals
​SSHRC – Writing SSHRC Proposals (Humanities and Social Sciences)
​SSHRC MA – Writing SSHRC Proposals for Master’s Students (Humanities and Social Sciences)