Graduate Centre for Academic Communication

Welcome to the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC). GCAC provides graduate students with advanced training in academic writing and speaking.

Graduate students need to be able to communicate sophisticated information to sophisticated audiences. As you prepare to attend your first conference, to write your first proposal, or to publish your first paper, you will need stronger communication skills than those needed in undergraduate work. By emphasizing professional development rather than remediation, GCAC can help you cultivate the ability to diagnose and address the weaknesses in your oral and written work.

GCAC offers five types of support designed to target the needs of both native and non-native speakers of English: non-credit courses, single-session workshops, individual writing consultations, writing intensives, and a list of additional resources for academic writing and speaking.

All of our programs are free. Courses, workshops and writing intensives require registration.
Writing Centre consultations require an appointment. 

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Please Note

International Visiting Graduate Students (IVGS)​ and Postdoctoral Fellows are welcome to attend GCAC workshops; however, they are ineligible for GCAC courses and Writing Centre appointments.