Innovation in Graduate Education

The School of Graduate Studies supports innovation in graduate education across the University of Toronto. Initiatives like Healthy Labs and the Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision are in place to ensure that wellness, equity, diversity and inclusion are core principles in graduate education and research. Explore our new initiatives developed to improve the graduate student experience and assist supervisors and graduate units in promoting student success.

Healthy Labs Initiative

Healthy laboratory environments are vital for student and faculty success, and for the quality of research that stems from our laboratories. Under the direction of Professor Reinhart Reithmeier, the Health Labs Initiative seeks to:

  1. Identify global and local best practices in lab management;
  2. Develop a Healthy Lab ‘Charter’, which individual laboratories at the university could adopt; and
  3. Outline a strategy for delivering Healthy Lab programming to researchers across the University’s three campuses and in affiliated research institutes.


The Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision (CGMS)

Supervision of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows is an essential activity in a research-intensive university. To maintain and build upon its status as an international leader in graduate research and education, the University of Toronto is committed to ensuring that students, postdoctoral fellows, and supervisors receive ready access to high-quality supports that enhance the quality of mentorship and supervision and assist individuals experiencing challenges.

Our vision

To enhance the quality of graduate mentorship and supervision and encourage the spread of innovative practices requires a coordinated effort across multiple U of T offices and a highly visible entity to help lead the charge. Located within the School of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision (CGMS) will serve as the focal point for supports, learning, and outreach aimed at promoting excellence in graduate mentorship and supervision to supervisees, supervisors, and other members of the graduate community.


  1. To promote and foster excellent mentoring and supervision practices by Graduate Faculty Members;
  2. To provide structure and frameworks to enhance graduate supervision and mentoring experiences; and
  3. To assist students with the navigation of supervisory relationship challenges when they arise.

Launch date

Fall 2021