Connaught International Scholarship

Award Overview

Value & Duration

  • The scholarship is provided as a $10,000 top-up, in addition to the program’s normal funding package (base amount + tuition and fees), to a combined total of no less than $35,000 annually;
  • The graduate unit is responsible for providing recipients with the program’s normal level of funding, which may consist of various internal and external funding sources, including awards, such as a University of Toronto Fellowship (UTF), on-campus employment (e.g. teaching assistantships), and/or research assistantships;
  • The cost of UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) coverage is in addition to the cost of tuition and incidental fees and should be factored into the program’s funding for Connaught Scholars; and
  • The Connaught is renewable on an annual basis in accordance with the program’s normal period of funding (e.g. for a total of 4-5 years) provided the student remains eligible, in good academic standing, and meets the terms and conditions of the award.  * A 5th year is available for programs that have a 5-year funding commitment.


The Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students is a cost-sharing initiative designed to assist graduate units in recruiting and supporting top international students by providing a top-up scholarship to each recipient, which will be paid in addition to the program’s normal funding package provided by the graduate unit.


Nominees must:

  • Be international applicants (Citizens and permanent residents of Canada are ineligible);
  • Not be currently registered in a degree program at the University of Toronto at the undergraduate or graduate level;
  • Have been or will be offered admission to a full-time doctoral program* with a funding commitment beginning September of the upcoming academic year​; and
  • Have achieved an A- average in each of the last two years of full-time study.​

Award Holders:

  • Must remain eligible, in good academic standing, and meet the terms and conditions of the award;
  • Must register and remain registered as a full-time student (a change in status may result in suspension or termination of payments and/or returning funds already received);
  • Must maintain an A- average, and be making satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree as determined by their graduate unit in order to maintain the award;
  • Who transition to permanent residency after receiving the first installment of the award will continue to be eligible for the balance of their renewable scholarship. A change in legal status after receiving the first installment does not affect the awardee’s eligibility to continue holding the award.

Application Process

Nominations are made by graduate units in the Winter session based on admission applications that are completed and submitted by or before the graduate units’ admission application deadline. Admission application deadlines are set by U of T’s individual graduate units and can be viewed on the graduate units’ websites.

Applicants interested in being considered for the Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students are encouraged to contact their prospective graduate unit when applying for admission to the University of Toronto. ​

Contacts & Resources

Please direct all questions about this competition to:

Debbie Chau, Graduate Awards Officer
Graduate Awards Office
School of Graduate Studies