C. David Naylor University Fellowships Endowed by a Gift from the Arthur L. Irving Foundation

Award Overview

Value & Duration

Two prestigious entrance fellowships each at $30,000 is awarded each year to attract outstanding candidates from Atlantic Canadian provinces to graduate programs at the University of Toronto. If a recipient’s program is funded, these entrance fellowships must be awarded in addition to the program’s normal funding commitment.


The C. David Naylor University Fellowships, funded by Arthur and Sandra Irving, at the University of Toronto were established to support outstanding scholars who are active in community service and commencing the first year of a graduate degree program. 

Created by Arthur and Sandra Irving through the Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation, this program honours the University of Toronto’s 15th president, Professor C. David Naylor. During his eight-year tenure, President Naylor worked to ensure the global success of the University. As he elevated its academic quality, he brought greater awareness to the country and the world of the University’s prominent faculty, students, alumni, and their many contributions.

As a Rhodes Scholar, world-class researcher and teacher, President Naylor epitomizes a distinct combination of academic excellence, leadership and commitment to our country’s continued growth through education. The fellowship bearing his name embodies this ideal.

Much like the man this fellowship is named after, The C. David Naylor University Fellowships focus on developing strong leaders who demonstrate leadership, academic excellence, and community commitment.


Each nominee must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • be a graduate of an Atlantic Canadian university (from Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island) – see list of Atlantic Canadian universities;
  • have strong ties to Atlantic Canada;
  • demonstrate a track record of high academic achievement (e.g., a minimum average of “A-” / 80% / 3.5/4.0);
  • demonstrate outstanding leadership potential and ongoing commitment to community service in one or more endeavors;
  • have been or will be offered admission to the first year of a full-time master’s or doctoral program at the University of Toronto and will subsequently register in a graduate program within the academic year following the competition (no later than the Fall session); and
  • be available to participate in an interview as a part of the selection process.​

Applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • academic excellence: transcripts, scholarships, curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, contribution to research (if applicable), and development;
  • outstanding leadership potential and ongoing commitment to community service in one or more endeavors (including – but not limited to – arts, sports, music, entrepreneurship or social enterprise);
  • performance at an interview with the Naylor Fellowship Committee; and
  • demonstration of potential to be a leader, ambassador, and advocate for the Atlantic provinces, embodying the spirit and culture of the Maritimes. 

Application Process

Nominations are made by graduate units in the Winter session based on admission applications that are completed and submitted by or before the graduate units’ admission application deadline. Admission application deadlines are set by U of T’s individual graduate units and can be viewed on the graduate units’ websites.

Applicants interested in being considered for the C. David Naylor University Fellowships, Endowed by a Gift from the Arthur L. Irving Foundation are encouraged to contact their prospective graduate unit when applying for admission to the University of Toronto to inform the unit of their eligibility and wish to be nominated for the Fellowship. ​

Contacts & Resources

Please direct all questions regarding the competition or nomination process to:

Debbie Chau, Graduate Awards Officer
Graduate Awards Office
School of Graduate Studies


2021-2022 Recipients

2020-2019 Recipients

2019-2020 Recipients