Research Article Boot Camp: Fall 2023

Why, What, Who, and How?

Why a Virtual Research Article Boot Camp?

Getting your research published is a priority for graduate students, but finding uninterrupted time for writing is often challenging. If you have completed your research but are struggling to find the time to get it down on paper, this boot camp can help. The Virtual Research Article Boot Camp is a chance to step away from the obligations and distractions of everyday living and focus exclusively on writing for two days, in an online setting.

What is a Virtual Research Article Boot Camp?

The GCAC Virtual Research Article Boot Camp is designed to provide U of T graduate students with uninterrupted time and distraction-free space to focus solely on your writing. With teacher-led training sessions, you will enjoy the much-needed support and advice to help start, make progress, or complete your research article for submission.

To truly focus on writing, you will be staying away from emails, social media, and the like for the two days (lunch breaks excepted), giving you the opportunity to get some writing done, learn about the writing process, and discuss the process of writing with a writing instructor and your peer graduate students. A crucial goal of the camp is to help you discover the joy of writing, learn to deal with writing-related challenges, and establish a productive writing practice.

Who Should Sign Up?

In order to sign up for the GCAC Research Article Boot Camp, the following conditions apply:

  • ​Your research and data collection must be finished, i.e., you need to be at a point where the only logical thing to do is write. Boot Camp is for writing, not further reading and research.
  • You are willing to set goals and strive to reach them, to commit to a two-day program and to realize your potential for self-disciplined writing.

What Are the Logistics of the GCAC Research Article Boot Camp?


How Do I Apply?


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