Writing CIHR Proposals

Why, What, and How?

Why a CIHR Writing Intensive Course?

For many years, GCAC has offered courses on Writing CIHR Proposals to graduate students who are preparing to apply for Master’s or doctoral awards from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Good CIHR proposals are hard to write, and they are also hard to prepare during the busy beginning of term. The goal of this writing-intensive version of our CIHR course is to encourage students to devote concentrated time to writing their CIHR proposals before the business of term begins.

What is the difference between GCAC’s regular CIHR ​course and the Writing Intensive version of the course?

The writing-intensive version of the CIHR course takes place over four days (10:00 am – 11:15 am daily). Students are required to attend all five hours to be eligible for GPS credit. This four-day course will include the same material covered in the regular course. One-on-one appointments will be available to students (dates to be scheduled).


TBA. The next Writing CIHR Proposals Intensive course will start in late Summer 2021.  

Eligibility & Registration Procedures


Enrollment is open to registered graduate students at the University of Toronto who are applying for Master’s or doctoral CIHR grants or for OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarships). Those applying for postdoctoral fellowships are not eligible to participate. Applicants must participate for the full 5 hours of this course to be eligible for GPS credit.

​Registration Procedures

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