Manage Your Program

Photo: Jason Krygier-Baum

Keep your graduate career on track with these resources.

Maintaining Good Standing

Good standing and satisfactory progress; achieving candidacy (for doctoral students only); time limits to complete your degree.

Find a Supervisor

Guidelines on choosing a supervisor, establishing a supervisory committee, and maintaining a productive working relationship.

Thesis & Dissertation Writing Support

Writing workshops and roundtables; online resources; support for writing groups.


Coursework, candidacy, and program extensions.

Leave of Absence

Procedures for requesting leaves.

Stop-Out, Withdrawal, Failure to Register

Procedures for temporary (stop-out) and permanent withdrawals; and reinstatement if you fail to register.

Academic Integrity Resources

Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters and Code of Student Conduct.
Guidelines to avoid plagiarism and academic offences.

Academic Appeals

Policies and guidelines on appealing academic matters.

Update Your Personal Information

Make name and gender changes at SGS Student Academic Services (or your Faculty Registrar’s office if you have one). You can update other personal information such as address, email, telephone, and emergency contacts directly in ACORN.