Stop-Out, Withdrawal & Failure to Register

Program Temporary Stop-Out

If you’re a student in a coursework-only program, you may request to temporarily stop-out and re-register within 12 months, with the approval of your graduate unit, without re-applying to the program. Unlike a leave of absence, the stop-out period is included in the time period for completion of your degree.

If you’re a full-time student and decide to temporarily stop-out from your program, complete the Program Temporary Stop-Out form and submit it to your graduate unit for consideration. Part-time students are eligible to temporarily stop-out, but do not need to complete the Program Temporary Stop-Out form.


If you’re planning to withdraw, carefully consider your decision and discuss it with your Advisor/Supervisor and Graduate Coordinator. If you do decide to withdraw, complete the Program Withdrawal form (PDF) and submit it to your graduate unit.

If you withdraw from your program, you may re-apply in the future by completing a new application. Your graduate unit may allow for some coursework completed prior to withdrawal to be counted as credit toward the new degree program.

Depending upon when you withdraw, you may receive a fees rebate. A refund schedule is available at Student Accounts. You may be required to refund all or a portion of your funding and/or awards to the University. Contact your graduate unit with any funding-related questions and the Graduate Awards Office at SGS with any awards-related questions.

Failure to Register

Most graduate programs require continuous registration. If your program does require continuous registration, you must remain registered in all sessions throughout your program (approved leaves excepted). If you do not register, or you are not permitted to register because you have reached the time limit for your degree and a program extension was not approved or appropriate, your
registration will end.

Students who fail to register may not make demands upon the resources of the University, attend courses, or expect advice from their supervisor.

If you fail to register and wish to return to your studies, you must request to reinstate in your program. Reinstatement is permitted if you are still within the maximum allowable time for your degree program.‚Äč

Reinstated students in programs requiring continuity of registration must pay fees owing for any session(s) in which they did not register before and after time limit including program extension session(s).

Termination of Registration

For Termination of Registration, please visit our Policies & Guidelines.