Your Graduate Experience

Your Graduate Experience

There is life beyond the classroom and the lab. Explore this page to find some ways to make the most of your graduate experience.

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Get Involved

Getting involved is a great way to meet like-minds and build your skill set. Best of all, many opportunities can be included on your Co-Curricular Record. Whatever you’re into, we’ve got a club for that. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, start one! We also encourage you to check out the Digital Connections Toolkit and engage with your community during these uncertain times.

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Campus Athletics

Just for Graduate Students

Here are some graduate spaces, events, resources, and opportunities just for you.

Explore U of T

There are thousands (yes, thousands) of social media accounts, events, mailing lists, and channels affiliated with U of T. Whether it’s following U of T on Instagram (don’t miss the fun top 10 lists and contests!), or listening to The New Normal podcast with Prof. Maydianne Andrade, you’ll find out new and interesting things about the University of Toronto

Beyond U of T

Toronto is Canada’s most populous, multicultural city and a world leader in business, finance, entertainment, culture, and technology. Don’t forget to explore and connect!

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