Managing Your Program

Managing Your Program

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) works in partnership with your graduate unit and/or collaborative specialization program to facilitate all facets of your graduate education at the University of Toronto. We are here to support you at every step of the way. This page introduces you to our programs and services and provides a sense of the various ways you will hear from us and engage with us throughout your degree.

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Your Graduate Unit

Where does SGS come in?

Your graduate unit is your first stop for most aspects of your degree, but the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) plays an important role in overseeing graduate admissions, scholarships, grants, mentoring activities, professional development, academic progress, degree milestones, and more.

SGS Programs & Services

Get to know the School of Graduate Studies and how we support you and your graduate unit at every step of the way.

SGS News & Dates

Stay informed & connected

Check our website and monthly Gradschool e-news for essential information that will help you keep on top of academic dates and deadlines, finances and funding, news and more.


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