Resources & Supports

Resources & Supports

U of T is full of resources to help you at every phase of your graduate student journey. Below is a collection of resources we thought you may find useful.

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Learn about academic resources and supports.


Learn about accessibility resources and supports.

Black Students

Learn about resources and supports for Black students.

English Language Support 

Learn about English language resources and supports.

Equity Partners

Learn about equity, diversity, and inclusion resources and supports.

Health & Wellness

Learn about health and wellness resources and supports.

Indigenous Students

Learn about resources and supports for Indigenous students.

International Students

Learn about resources and supports for international students.

Professional Development 

Learn about professional development resources and supports.

Research, Supervision & Mentorship 

Learn about research, supervision, and mentorship resources and supports.

Students with Family Responsibilities

Learn about resources and supports available to students with family responsibilities.

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